5 Best Things To Do For Kids In Bracknell

As parents, we all prioritize our children and want them to witness all the wonderful places in the world, don’t we? Perhaps, the vacations have already started and, it is an ideal time to go traveling with your kids!

But, the question arises where to go first? Well, fret not because if you are looking for a place with captivating and fun things to do, then it is Bracknell.

To make your traveling experience better, here is a list of all the exciting things to do for kids in Bracknell. Let’s dive in!

Why should your Kids visit Bracknell?

Why-should-your-Kids-visit-Bracknell - 247 airport ride

Lying in the core of the glorious United Kingdom, Bracknell is an urban town. At a single glance, you might consider it as an ordinary busy place, but it conceals a lot of fun for kids.

With many natural forests near Bracknell, you can consider taking your kids for outdoor games. Or let them learn more things, with fun at indoor recreational units. You can look out for many things to do for kids in Bracknell as it is full of them.

Let’s play!

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Whoosh is one of the best indoor soft play centres in Bracknell.

Whoosh Play Centre Bracknell:

In a new place, a new environment yet the same old playful instinct. One cannot stop children from turning a place upside down for the sake of fun. And during a tour, this can be bothersome for some parents.

If you too, are one of such worried parents, visiting Bracknell with family. Then, it’s time for you to quench your child’s thirst for endless play-fun.

Take your little one to the best soft-play and children’s party venue in Berkshire, which is none other than Whoosh Play Centre. The place is open seven days a week and offers several interesting activities for 0-14 years old kids, as well as kids with special needs.

Children are invited to battle for fun with Whoosh’s Begeara Laser Guns and enjoy other exciting events organized by the management. Their Jo Jingles music and movement classes aim to involve the entire family and move to the beat. Thus, helping you spend some quality time with your younger one.

Along with ensuring a clean and safe environment for your child, Whoosh also takes care of your child’s diet. Running around can drain out energy from your little one, and so Whoosh offers scrumptious reasonably priced meals to kids.

To make your stay in Bracknell, a lifelong memory, you can even plan a storm blasting party for you kid!

Shop a Little

Shopping is a great way to collect your traveling memories. So, once in Bracknell, do not forget to take a part of it back to your home town!

Unfortunately, shopping is not one of the best things to do for kids in Bracknell. So, if you are wondering where to shop first without boring your kids, then Lexicon is an ideal choice. You can easily shop at the best clothing stores while your children watch a movie in the cinema or enjoy the food at a restaurant. The place also offers a variety of cuisine ranging from Japanese to Italian. 

Tarzan Swings & Monkey Madness

Out for quality time in Bracknell, but can’t think of things to do as a family? In that case, Go Ape Bracknell is your answer!

Offering loads of adventure with their Treetop Challenge, Zip Trekking, and Forest Segway, Go Ape provides unparalleled outdoor fun. As the name suggests, Go Ape arouses some crazy monkey madness in you. The place allows exploring Bracknell’s beauty from heights. You can climb on the rope ladders, wiggly bridges or perhaps, scream your heart out on the enormous 160m long Alpine Zip.

The moment you decide to hop in this wild ride with your little buddies, Go Ape Management will give you a quick safety brief, and arm you and mini-monkeys before you dive into the sea of adventure. Next, you can decide whether your kids want to play with boats in the indoor stream, ride a bike on the 15-mile cycle network, or experience other amusing things Go Ape has to offer.

They say you’ve not met the adventurous spirit of Berkshire until you’ve swung high ropes at Go Ape in Bracknell. So get yourself and your kids dressed in some rough athletic wear and trainers because it’s time to experience the thrills of Bracknell!

Cinematic Adventure

Cinematic-Adventure - 247 airport ride

Are your children tired of the outdoor adventures and want to refresh themselves? If so, then taking them out for a movie is a wonderful way!

Just book your Bracknell taxi service straight to the Cineworld and enjoy different movies!

The place is suitable for people of all ages and offers quality time. With a 4DX experience, you can even cherish tasty snacks.

Apart from this, Baskin Robbins is also available for sweet treats!

Learn More

Excursions can be educational too, don’t you agree? And they ought to be, especially in a place like Bracknell.

Amongst the countless interesting things to do in Bracknell with kids, The LookOut Discovery Centre is an informative yet fascinating place to visit. It is a hands-on science exhibition that offers more than 90 interactive activities to kids of all ages. Your little ones can build a house, launch a hydrogen rocket, or unravel the mysteries of the human body and brain.

That’s not just it. There’s also a 1000 hectares wide woodland, which allows children to discover the local wildlife. And the wonders of The Look Out Discovery Centre are so popular amongst both locals and tourists, that it keeps its gates open all-round the year. The management also offers discount vouchers and concessions on special occasions.

So, introduce Bracknell to your kids in an exciting way and book your 247 airport ride directly to The LookOut Discovery Centre!

Kids love to enjoy and explore the place they visit. Thus, their adventurous spirit gets bored easily. To make a trip to Bracknell not only memorable for not only you but for your kids too, try out the above-listed things to do for kids in Bracknell.



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