The Complete Travel Guide To London Gatwick Airport: Everything You Need To Know

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London Gatwick Airport is one of the busiest airports in London by passenger traffic, located 29.5 miles south of Central London and 5.8 miles southwest of Crawley. With easy access to UK, Europe and worldwide destinations, this airport serves as a hub for all airlines flying from London. If you are travelling on vacation, for business trips, or just passing through, here is a complete travel guide to Gatwick Airport, London’s second-largest airport.

London Gatwick Airport is a central hub for British Airways, EasyJet and Norwegian Air. It is also the main gateway used by most airlines from Europe to the United States. It is located close to South East London and has an international railway station adjacent to it. The airport serves more than 46 million passengers every year, being the second liveliest airport in the UK after London Heathrow.

Terminals At Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is a major international airport that serves the West part of London. It is famous for its two terminals and is the biggest single-runway airport in the world. Gatwick’s twin runway configuration makes it capable of handling simultaneous departures and arrivals.

These terminals consist of two separate large buildings linked by an airside people mover (APM), which transports passengers between the aerobridges and drop-off/pick-up zones. If you have a terminal transfer with luggage, you can either walk or take an airport shuttle. But if you want to see the bridge that aircraft use to taxi from one terminal to the other, there is an easier way in the North Terminal.

North Terminal

Gatwick airport north terminal

The north terminal at London Gatwick Airport, designed to meet the needs of most airlines, makes it easy to fly and shop. All passengers must go through security, then wait in a large departures lounge with many shops selling luxury items and restaurants offering continental meals.

When you arrive at the terminal, you go through passport control and then check in again, but that’s where the similarities end. There are separate halls for all three types of passengers – domestic, CTA and international. It allows the airport to separate passengers, make the passenger flows more efficient, and handle different passengers’ nationalities at different gates.

South Terminal

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The South Terminal at Gatwick Airport serves as the airport’s main terminal, handling most traffic. The concourse area of the airport is known as the South Exterior Hall, which has many bars, restaurants and a variety of shopping. The entire terminal is currently undergoing an expansion and modernization of facilities, including expanding its retail areas.

South Terminal is a mixture of departures and arrivals in one terminal. Walked through duty-free, you will be landed in the arrivals lounge with a circular layout over two floors. Upon arrival at South Terminal, domestic and CTA passengers must take the bus to the domestic claim area after passing through security.

Travelling Between Terminals At Gatwick Airport

gatwick airport

Getting between terminals at Gatwick Airport is a breeze, even if you have vast amounts of luggage. All you should know is which terminal your flight departs from and then follow the signs for the correct terminal shuttle coach. The shuttle service runs every few minutes, 24 hours a day and has a journey time of just two minutes.

Flights From Gatwick Airport

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Just about every airline in the world runs flights to and from Gatwick Airport. While most of these take off from North Terminal, especially those airlines flying to the United States and Europe, some also use South Terminal. If you’re planning to fly to the UK, Gatwick Airport is one of the best airports you want to include in your itinerary.

London Gatwick Airport has been busy transforming into a fully-fledged hub for low-cost carriers operating across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. It has about 90 airlines flying to almost 200 destinations globally. Point-to-point flights make the majority of air traffic into Gatwick and most long-haul leisure routes. However, both terminals handle different types of flights into and out of Gatwick.

Airlines Flying From North Terminal

  • Air Transat
  • China Eastern
  • easyJet
  • Emirates
  • Georgian Airways
  • Icelandair
  • Qatar Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Rwanda Air
  • TUI Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • WestJet

Airlines Flying From South Terminal

  • Aegean Air
  • Aer Lingus
  • Air Arabia
  • airBaltic
  • Air Europa
  • Air Malta
  • Surgery
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Belavia
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • China Airlines
  • Croatia Airlines
  • Enter Air
  • Iberia
  • Iraqi Airways
  • Jazeera Airways
  • Montenegro Airlines
  • Norwegian
  • Nouvelair
  • Ryanair
  • Swiss
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Titan Airways
  • TUI Airways
  • Tunis Air
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Ukraine International Airlines
  • Vueling
  • Wizz Air

Flight Departures

Flight Departures

At Gatwick Airport, travel can be as simple as checking in online, getting to the airport and boarding your flight. You can find check-in desks for all departing flights on the third floor of both terminals. Therefore, it’s always best practice to check where your gate locates before you lose track of time. You’ll find shops, bars, cafes and currency exchange at the departure lounge – and boarding for your flight will begin 45 minutes before take-off.

Flight Arrivals

Heathrow Arrivals: Immigration & Passports - 247 airport ride

When you land, you’ll first pass through passport control. You must pass through Immigration before leaving the arrivals hall. To collect your baggage, follow the signs to Baggage Reclaim, and you’ll be able to head through Customs right after. Then go to the arrivals hall, where you can find plenty of bars, restaurants, shops and currency exchange.

Security At London Gatwick Airport

If you travel through London Gatwick Airport and plan to check in your luggage, you may have to endure long queue times due to enhanced security measures. You should reach the airport right in time; allow 3 hours before departure for international flights, 2 hours for European flights and 1.5 hours before your domestic flights.

Hand baggage is anything you can comfortably fit in the space available to you in the cabin. Your main luggage is taken separately to the aircraft as hold luggage, and we strongly advise you to limit this to one item only. Again, some airlines will only allow one to hold a bag, which must be of a certain weight & size allowance.

Liquid Allowance At Gatwick

The number of liquids you can take through security is restricted. The following information does not apply to Pre-Check passengers who are now permitted to carry on a reasonable amount of liquids and gels, subject to some restrictions. However, if you have a disability or medical condition, you will need to travel with an “essential” medicine. You are also allowed extra space to carry liquids if they are for use on the plane or your baby’s food supply.


Health checks or a full-body scan for all passengers is a must before they can get through security onto the plane. You need to check with the airline you’re travelling with as some will not accept laptops in their hold luggage. If you checked your laptop in as hand baggage, make sure that you completely seal it in the original packaging or an approved case before passing through security. Security officials will also routinely open and screen any liquid items carried in your cabin baggage.

Gifts & Presents

Passengers must not have gifts or wrapped presents in their hand luggage when travelling to keep the airport secure. It is essential to check in all gifts before arriving at the security gate. Please remember to present all liquid gifts separately to hand baggage.

Passport Control

Your first step after arriving at the gate is to clear passport control. If possible, we recommend using the ePassport gates, which will speed up your journey through the border. For a European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), British nationals or Swiss nationals, you can use the ePassport gates and take a separate lane. For everyone else, you can still get through quickly with one lane for all other nationalities.

If you are travelling on an ePassport, there is no need to fill in a landing card on arrival. Instead, you can use the ePassport gates for both arrivals and departures. If you’re not eligible, please wait for an available border force officer. Please keep left at the end of the arrivals hall and go to the staff area beside it for your departure gate. See an officer if you are:

  • Travelling with children under 12 years old
  • Travelling on a passport that does not have a biometric chip
  • Coming to the UK for short term study

Tips To Get Through The Passport Control

  • Check your passports on the photo page
  • Remove all holders or covers from your passport
  • Remove hats and sunglasses
  • Stay together when travelling as a family
  • If you are an international traveller, join Registered Traveller
  • Make use of ePassport gates where possible and choose the shortest queue
  • If you are an EEA citizen, use your passport at the ePassport gates

Passport control will ask a few questions about the children in your care to make sure they are travelling with a guardian. Make sure that you have completed the young traveller’s form so that the border officer can verify your relationship with the child. If there’s a child under 18 and you’re not the child’s parent, you might have to provide evidence of your relationship. If you’re an unaccompanied minor, or if the border agent isn’t satisfied that you’re a fit parent, they’ll ask for documentation to prove your relationship.

Gatwick’s Premium Passport Control offers a Fast Track Service for those arriving in the country to seek a grand entry into the UK. For £9.99 per person, Premium Passport Control is available 24 hours a day and open to an average of 50 passengers an hour. The only way to use this service is to pre-book online at least 24 hours in advance.


UK Border Force officers are on hand there to make sure you comply with rules when bringing in goods from the EU. If you have a large amount of alcohol, tobacco or perfume, you will have to fill in an import. If you don’t have it with you, please ask the border officers to help. For your safety, security and a quick passage through the airport, there are some things you need to know.

  • Never carry anything for anybody else
  • Don’t bring prohibited goods or products into the UK
  • Ask at the customs information point for any queries
  • Enter the correct customs channel (green or red).
  • Declare items that are relevant to your journey.

Connecting International Flights

You must pass through customs and immigration control if you transfer between two international flights at Gatwick. You might have your baggage tagged through to your final destination.

Cash Control

You will need to declare any items liable for duty and taxes before arriving at the airport. The UK government has recently enforced new customs controls for travellers who enter and leave the UK with €10,000 or more cash or foreign currency in their possession.

Gatwick Airport Lounges

Travellers around the world can relax at the Gatwick Airport lounges. The lounges at both terminals, South and North, offer you a place to rest. There are two entrances to the lounge facility – one at North Terminal and another one at the South Terminal. Not only will this make your stay comfortable, but you will also look forward to the lounge facilities on your way to and from the departure area. You can use the form online to find out more about each lounge available at Gatwick Airport and book in advance. Passengers who have to wait longer for their flight can use this lounge facility. You’ll get the following;

  • Quiet and peaceful area
  • Refreshments available
  • Award-winning cuisine
  • Flat-screen TVs available
  • Drinks reception with a choice of fresh hot food
  • Photocopying service available at the Front Desk and Business Centre

Club Aspire Lounge - North Terminal

Club Aspire is the perfect place to start your trip for a touch of luxury. It’s newly refurbished and offers complimentary food and drink as well as dedicated business and rest areas. Prices start from £25.

Club Aspire Lounge - South Terminal

The new Club Aspire Lounge offers a range of services for those who have to wait an extra day in case of a delayed flight. Prices start from £27.

No.1 Lounge - North Terminal

This airport lounge has a fully-tended bar, library and outlets. It also includes both hot and cold food with many seating options. Prices start from £32.

No.1 Lounge - South Terminal

You can find a great bar in the South Terminal. No1 Lounge is award-winning and has a full bar, library area, and various seating options. It also offers food prices of £32.

Clubrooms - North Terminal

Clubroom’s retreat is the ideal place to relax. They offer à la carte dining, an extensive wine list and cocktails, and table service. Prices start from £38.

Clubrooms - South Terminal

Get the best jet-set experience with hosted table service offering à la carte dining, classic cocktails and an extensive wine list. Prices start from £38.

My Lounge - North terminal

It offers the luxury of lounging without the formalities. You can pour your drinks, snack on tasty treats, and play games in a relaxed atmosphere. Prices start from £24.

My Lounge - South Terminal

This new lounge in the South Terminal brings in a variety of amenities. It has free wifi, snacks, games, and a bar for a luxurious stay. Prices start from £24.

Terminal Facilities At Gatwick Airport

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If you are the kind of person who wants to travel in style, Gatwick Airport offers numerous terminal facilities, making your trip luxurious. You can find anything that you may need to have a comfortable journey. No matter long your stay between the flights, you will find whatever you need to relax.

Food & Snacks

Food & Snacks

You can find a range of edibles and snacks around the airport, making your long wait easier. There are many dining options all over Gatwick, including bars and restaurants where you can sit back and relax. You will also find places that offer sandwiches and other snacks, even on a delayed flight.

ATMs & Cash Exchange

ATMs & Cash Exchange

There are several ATMs and cash exchange machines around the airport. ATMs are available both on-airport and off-airport, and there is a list according to the terminals for your convenience.


Departure Lounges & Boarding - 247 airport ride

Luggage machines are available at each terminal and also at the arrival hall of each terminal. There is a lost baggage office at the terminals, so you can easily find a way to report your lost or delayed luggage. You can also seek assistance in case of lost property or enquiry about your luggage.

Prayer Rooms

Prayer Rooms

There are various prayer rooms available at the airport for travellers of different faiths. These are available both on-airport and off-airport premises of Gatwick Airport. You can find these rooms in both terminals. You’ll also see prayer room signs outside terminal buildings to guide you to their locations.

Baby Changing Rooms

There are baby changing facilities available both on-airport and off-airport. To reach these facilities, you can use the lifts near the restrooms in either of the terminals to reach Level 2.

Ways To Travel To Or From London Gatwick Airport

Planning your trip to or from London Gatwick Airport is essential for a hassle-free journey. Making advanced reservations will ensure that you have a place to stay when you’re in town. Let’s look through the different alternatives and see which one is best suited to your needs. Whether you drive, catch the train or fly, airport transportation has got your every need covered!

Travelling By Public Transport

Public transport is an excellent way to commute from your Gatwick Airport hotel to the airport or free of charge if you fly with a budget airline and travel without checked bags. The airport is 27.6 miles from central London through the A23 and M23, and you can easily reach the city centre by taking one of the nearby trains. Here are the travel options you get from public transportation.

Coach or Bus

There is a variety of buses and coaches at the Gatwick coach station. The bus services operate from various areas on the South Terminal complex. It is vital that you look for the most convenient stop near your entrance point to the airport and book your ticket accordingly. Services depart from Gatwick at regular intervals, and links to central London take about an hour or more. Coach services are wheelchair accessible, with drivers trained to aid passengers with disabilities. You can get a coach directly to your destination or stop at places along the way.

EasyBus: It serves several Central London stops and other destinations.

Megabus: There are stops at both terminals and operate bus service from Gatwick to Bristol, Cardiff and Heathrow.

National Express: It provides coach service from both terminals to London Heathrow Airport and Central London. If you have a short stopover in London, you should use the National Express coach 25 to get to London Victoria Station in just about an hour.

Metrobus: There are several bus routes between Gatwick and Crawley, all operated by Metrobus. The main way is the 400 from Gatwick Airport to Crawley via Horsham and Crawley Bus Station.

Oxford Bus: It operates throughout Gatwick Airport providing passengers with convenient access to Oxford in about 2.5 hours.

Gatwick Flyer: It offers fast and comfortable bus services to destinations in the east of London. It departs from the South Terminal to London Heathrow and Stansted Airport.

Rail Service

If you plan to travel by rail to or from Gatwick Airport, you will probably be ending your journey at the airport station. Operated by Southern, it is a wonderfully convenient way of getting to or from Gatwick Airport without having to drive through heavy traffic in the towns and cities near the airport.


The railway station at Gatwick Airport is easy to find; you just turn right outside the South Terminal and follow the road round to Gatwick Southern Railway Station. This station is at the heart of Gatwick Airport and directly opposite the main terminal. Also, there are many parking options near the train station depending on your travel requirements.

Gatwick Express: It departs from South Terminal and runs every 15 minutes to London Victoria Station and arrives there in 30 minutes.

Thameslink: It’s just 45 minutes by rail to London’s main terminal at London St Pancras International station. The Thameslink service stops at St Pancras before heading north to Luton and Bedford.

Southern Trains: A wide range of rail services connect the airport with London mainline terminals and the south coast in a 30 minutes journey.

Great Western Railway: It offers a comprehensive service to passengers travelling to and from the Westcountry from airports on the south coast, most notably Gatwick Airport through Reading.

If you will stay in London for more than a day, it’s worth buying a Visitor Oyster card in advance. You can obtain a Visitor Oyster card online before you travel, and it will be ready when you arrive at the airport. You can get the cards online before your flight arrives from your chosen airline. If that isn’t possible, you can buy one from the Gatwick concierges inside the airport.

Car Hire At Gatwick Airport

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Hiring a car at Gatwick Airport is a great way to see more of the local area and enjoy the freedom of exploring on your schedule. If you’re planning to fly into London and rent a car, we suggest that you make your reservation well in advance. You can only select the airport as your rental location if you have confirmed tickets or checked in for your flight in advance.

It might prove to be more convenient for you to hire a car from here to move around – as an alternative to taking the train to somewhere more central – depending on how far away your hotel is. The top car hire companies serving Gatwick Airport include Europcar, Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise. Remember to keep your credit card and reserve your spot as soon as possible. Choose the cheapest car hire for your destination and make your trip smooth.

Travelling By Taxi

Getting to and from Gatwick airport via public transport isn’t the best of experiences. First, there is the long journey via train, but you also need to worry about getting from the Gatwick North or South terminal to your destination. It’s a lot easier if you hail a private taxi service.

Gatwick Airport is within the confines of the M23 at junction 9 of the motorway, which makes it easy to travel by road. Travelling by an airport taxi is a convenient option as drivers usually do not charge for extra bags. The metered fare is calculated by the distance and time taken, and you will find additional charges if you are travelling to or from an airport hotel. The taxi ranks are outside both North and South Terminals and can be seen from the arrivals hall or outside.

Passengers can also catch a taxi from other locations to Gatwick Airport without going into the terminal buildings, such as parking areas or when coming off public transportation. You can make taxi bookings at the airport via the Fast Track Desk in the Arrivals Halls of the North Terminal and the northern entrance of the South Terminal.

Black Cabs

You can book a black cab to and from Gatwick airport for an easy journey. There is a long history of Black cabs in London because of their reliability and sophistication. You can book a black cab in advance, and you won’t need to worry about being stranded if you lose your luggage. Using a Black Cab will guarantee a fast trip to your home or hotel, even through rush hour traffic.

The vehicle of choice for many, a Black cab is the most comfortable way to leave or enter London’s busy Gatwick Airport. The only thing that might bring hesitation to you is the cost. But once you’ve hopped straight in, you’ll know that it’s worth the money.


If you have visitors travelling with you and need to go to Gatwick Airport, a minicab can be cheaper as you do not have to pay for the driver. Airport minicabs have helped travellers from Gatwick to get from the airport to various locations in London. It is an excellent service for anyone who is looking for door to door transportation.

You can book a minicab anytime before your arrival, so there is no need to get worried about getting late. The cost will be cheaper than a regular black cab which makes it more cost-effective. Choose your destination and book online in advance to or from Gatwick Airport with this quick service. Get to where you’re going in comfort, speed, and style.

Airport Transfer Taxi

Bracknell executive taxi service, executive airport transfers bracknell

Booking an airport transfer taxi is the best option among all as it offers a hassle-free ride to the airport even in rainy weather or traffic. A personal chauffeur will pick you up from your hotel, apartment or home and drop you off in the designated car park. The best part with an airport transfer taxi is you don’t have to pay for parking, fuel or even show up early enough. All you got to do is sit back and relax while anticipating a fun ride.

Airport transfer taxis tend to run on the fixed rates and thus are affordable, safe and reliable options in airports. Airport transfers available at Gatwick airport taxi service promises a pleasant ride to the airport. You can easily reserve a taxi days before your flight and forget all about the last-minute stress. 247 Airport Ride is the best airport transfer specialist company in the UK, allowing the most convenient trip to and from Gatwick Airport. With this taxi service, you can make an online payment, and everything will be handled for you.

Airport Facilities At Gatwick Airport

When you’re at the Gatwick Airport, you need not worry about any inconvenience as you’ll be able to avail a number of services at the terminal. These facilities are available for travellers, visitors and employees of the airport.

Airport Maps

You can find the Gatwick Airport map at your terminal, gate or in the arrival corridor. This map will help you throughout your journey. No matter how long you are staying at the airport, you can find all details on the map. Spoil yourself by tracing the routes to your next flight or locating your way around the airport without any worry.

Conference Rooms

Conference & Business

There are many meeting rooms available at both terminals and conference rooms on No.1 Lounge at North Terminal and the new No.1 Lounge at the South Terminal. These well-equipped meeting rooms are spacious and provide an internet connection for smooth communication with your attendees.

Free Wifi Connection

Wifi Connections

Use free wifi connection both on-airport and off-airport at Gatwick Airport. You can access the internet for free from Gatwick Airport. You have to connect to the Gatwick Free WiFi network and log on to my Gatwick. Find free wifi services at restaurants, cafes, bars and other places all around the airport premises. This way, you can make your valuable stay by checking those important mails or checking the latest news on your device.

Public Telephones

Communication Facilities

Government-approved telephones are available at various places within the terminal buildings and public areas of Gatwick Airport. These allow for customer-to-customer communications only. However, you can use these public telephones to make emergency phone calls inside the airport premises.

Car Parks At Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport offers car park facilities to its passengers. If you’re not in a rush driving to Gatwick, you can find the closest car parks to the terminals quite easily. The car park is in the North and South terminal parking area. There are two types of a standard car park at Gatwick Airport; short stay and long stay car park.

Short Stay Car Park: The best place to park at Gatwick Airport is the short-stay car park. It’s right next to the terminal buildings, you don’t have to wind away for miles if you get lost, and it’s cheaper too. You can get to the 2 South Terminal car park by following the signs along the road in the right-hand lane. For reaching the 3 North Terminal car park, you can follow the directions along the left-hand lane on the road.

Long Stay Car Park: This offers a car park for visitors who plan to be around for more than a day. You can avail of this parking facility on-airport and off-airport. You can look for the signs along the road in front of both terminals and follow the directions. There are no restrictions on your stay at the car park, making it a perfect choice for the guests who plan to stay overnight.

To reach the 4 South Terminal, leave the roundabout, take a left and follow the signs along the left-hand lane. If you want to go to the 5 North Terminal car park, take the third exit after the roundabout and follow the “long stay” signs. After the third exit from the petrol station, follow the long road and take the second exit from the next roundabout.

Shopping At Gatwick Airport

Shopping At Gatwick Airport

Shopping at Gatwick Airport doesn’t have to be an eye-watering affair; fortunately, there’s plenty of affordable and convenient shopping to be had. You will find most shops in the departures area of the terminal, after security control, but there are shops available landside in arrivals and before security control. Whether you want souvenirs or to shop for your family at Gatwick Airport, we’ll guide you on your retail tour. Here, you will find a book store, souvenir shops, electrical outlets, newsstands and much more.


Make fashion statements with Accessorize, the best fashion accessories store in Gatwick Airport. They have a wide variety of the trendiest brands for you to pick from, including Tory Burch, Kenneth Cole, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and more. At Accessorize, you will find the right clothing and accessories for every occasion.

Bobbi Brown

Get plenty of beauty products at Bobbi Brown. They offer a wide variety of cosmetics, hair products and skincare products. You can find the best selection of cosmetics at Bobbi Brown, which makes you look as gorgeous as always.


All the latest fashion trends are available in this store for you to pick up. They have lots of footwear to choose from at Boots, including boots, sandals, heels and wedges. They have extensive shoes for women in high heels, such as stiletto pumps and platform shoes. You can get all your current fashion needs done at Boots for a very affordable price.


In the face of designer brands and high-priced shops, collectables are a relative bargain at Gatwick Airport. You can find affordable pieces from luxury brands, including Michael Kors, Burberry and Gucci. You can find all your favourite jewellery items at Collection with reasonable prices and excellent customer service.

Dixons Travel

Your up-to-date gadgets are available at Dixons Travel, where you will find all types of cell phones, laptops and other electronic accessories as they sell almost all brands of mobile phones. Also, you can get your favourite camera and other electronic accessories at Dixons Travel for a very affordable price.

Dune London

At Dune London, they have the latest collection of fashion must-haves from renowned brands. They offer a large variety of men and women accessories that suit well while travelling.


Get the best luxury products at Harrods at very affordable prices. They stock more than just clothes and accessories; you can also find perfumes, cosmetics, shoes, jewellery, watches and many more things in their store. Here you will get the best of high-end luxury products at a very affordable price.


With Moneycorp, you can travel with a range of currencies, including Sterling, Euros and US dollars handily stored in your wallet or purse for making payments or changing money where required. It offers a wide range of travel money services, including the latest travel money cards and foreign exchange facilities for British travellers going abroad.

Watches of Switzerland

Pick hand-crafted luxury watches for a style statement at Watches of Switzerland. Their collection includes classic and modern designs and consists of both men’s and women’s watches for all tastes. You can find a selection of classic Swiss timepieces to suit your style.

World Duty Free

Duty Free World is like any other duty-free shop selling cosmetics and fragrances along with electric and tech gadgets. You can pick your favourite perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries and other products from the world’s leading brands.

Well Pharmacy At WHSmith

One of the most popular brands, it provides beauty products for all types of skin types. You can also get medicines, health supplements and many more health-related products at this pharmacy. It locates at the beginning of Hall D, at the South Terminal entrance on the ground floor.

Restaurants At Gatwick Airport

Restaurants At Gatwick Airport

You will find plenty of restaurants at Gatwick Airport with various traditional and international cuisines available. There are loads of dining options to ensure you don’t go hungry. Both terminals offer a wide variety of restaurants that serve a wide range of food. The largest selection of eating options are at the North Terminal, with over 20 restaurants. The following list includes some of the most popular bars and restaurants in Gatwick Airport:

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar

Get the finest seafood from around the world at Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar. They provide some of the freshest fish and seafood available in the market. They have a great selection of salmon, crab, lobster and oysters, which customers can pick from.

Comptoir Libanais

This Lebanese restaurant provides you with a great variety of dishes, such as Lebanese mezze, vegetable mezze and chicken nuggets. You can also get to choose from an extensive selection of vegetarian dishes for your dining satisfaction.


Make your hunger times better with the UK’s sandwich chain of choice, EAT. They serve a variety of sandwiches and other freshly-made foods in their restaurants.

Jamie’s Diner

Whether you are looking for a relaxing night out or a restaurant with great food, Jamie’s Diner is a great choice. With classics like burgers, pasta dishes and fish & chips along with other creative items on the menu, you can have an unforgettable evening at Jamie’s Diner.

Jamie’s Italian

Have a fantastic Italian cuisine at Jamie’s Italian. They have a great selection of spicy pizzas and pasta dishes along with a wide variety of drinks.


Enjoy the fantastic flavour of American shakes at Shake-a-Hula. This restaurant provides you with the finest milkshakes to serve your tastebuds.


In need of a quick vegan snack? Pure is the place for you then. Get some fantastic sandwiches, salads, soups and other vegetarian options here which taste delicious.

The Nicholas Culpeper Pub & Dining

This Gin and Tonic pub is a great place to go to refresh and have a good time with your loved ones. They serve some of the finest food items, including wings, wraps, burgers and pizzas.

The Red Lion

This pub serves one of the most delicious snacks you will ever find at a bar. You can also get a wide selection of drinks, including wines, cocktails and beer, from our bar.

Union Jacks Bar

Find classic dishes with a touch of modern twists here. The Union Jacks Bar serves the best-pulled pork hot dog along with a wide selection of drinks, including wines, cocktails and beers.


If you’re looking for authentic Asian food, then Wagamama is the right place for you. They serve delicious Japanese food along with fantastic noodle dishes. You can find this restaurant at both terminals.

YO! Sushi

Have seafood or other Japanese delicacies at YO! Sushi, an Asian restaurant that serves the best sushi in the UK.

Grain Store

Find Gluten-free bread slices and pastries at Gatwick Airport. You will find many pies here and cakes, cookies, chocolates – all gluten-free with no trace of any flour. This shop also sells several vegetarian dishes, gluten-free bread and other products.


Get a taste of South African cuisine at Nando’s. They have a wide variety of chicken dishes like chicken, chips and olives, which you can order in several ways to fit your preferences.

The Beehive

If you’re looking for a serene place to get the finest beer, then this is the right choice for you. Have cold beers and burgers at The Beehive.

The London Bar

This pub provides burgers and other snacks along with a wide variety of chilled beer, wines and cocktails. A great place to have a chilled drink or for a quiet time when you want to relax and unwind after your flight!

Wonder tree

Find waffles, pancakes, croissants, Margherita and more at Wonder tree. You can also find salad, smoothies and juices as well.

For those looking for some refreshing coffee sips, here are some of the coffee shops at the Gatwick Airport;


Find a range of Italian coffees and speciality tea drinks at Costa. Order some coffee with hot chocolate and enjoy the view of the airport as you relax and have a good time.

Jamie's Coffee Lounge

Get a tasty coffee with a variety of hot drinks here for you to choose from. Get an iced coffee or a hot chocolate, which you can order in your favourite way.


This Starbucks has got some of the best coffees in the world, along with famous pastries and other snacks available here for you to choose from and enjoy your time.

Caffe Nero

It is a highly recognized coffee house in the UK offering a vast range of hot and cold drinks plus Italian sandwiches and snacks.

Joe's Coffee House

Here at Joe’s Coffee House, you can get a good cup of latte with many drinks to choose from, including smoothies.

Hotels At Gatwick Airport

Hotels At Gatwick Airport

When flying at Gatwick airport, whether you’re off on holiday or travelling for business, you may want to check in to an airport hotel before your flight. Airport hotels are situated very close to terminals, making getting there and from the airport a breeze. Your room is often a few minutes walk from the arrivals area, so it is easy for you to get picked up upon arrival or for you to drop off your bags before joining your journey or heading home. With choices on and off-site, there’s a hotel for every traveller. What’s more, airport hotels offer the extra convenience of a central location, perfect if your business has international clients.

Here are some of the hotels located at Gatwick Airport:

Hilton Hotel Gatwick

It is closest to the south terminal; just a 5 minute covered walk from the terminal building. A full menu for breakfast and dinner, means never having to leave the hotel. You can get food at the bars, cafes and restaurants within the hotel, a money-saver. Get £34.50 per day at the Euro Car Park nearby in front of the hotel. The guests here can find a plethora of benefits;

  • High-speed Internet
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • Fitness suite
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • On-site cashpoint
  • Range of business services, from audiovisual rental services, video conferencing to photocopying machines

Premier Inn North Terminal Hotel

The Premier Inn North is across the street from the North Terminal and two minutes away on the shuttle. The hotel offers a 24-hour room service facility to serve your cravings round the clock. Clients enjoy a luxurious rest and breakfast with the comfort of an indoor pool and the convenience of a 24-hour bar, café, and restaurant. Guests can benefit from;

  • King-size beds
  • Free WiFi in available areas
  • Function rooms for hire
  • Nearby parking at the airport
  • TV in every room
  • Thyme restaurant

Hampton by Hilton Gatwick Airport

Walk two minutes from the North Terminal to a Hampton by Hilton Hotel for luxuries. This Hampton Inn hotel offers complimentary hot breakfast daily. You can start each day with freshly brewed coffee, juice, pastries, and various hot and cold breakfast items. An on-site parking facility is available for an additional charge of £43 per night.

  • Beds, Duvets, Pillows, and Blankets
  • Fitness Suite
  • Children’s amenities, including cots and highchairs
  • Laundry service
  • Snack shop

YotelAIR Gatwick Hotel

You can get from the airport to your hotel quickly and easily below the international arrivals hall at the South Terminal. YotelAir Gatwick offers various food options 24/7, so you never have to leave the hotel to succumb to hunger. From a grilled chicken panini to an ice-cold Ben & Jerry’s, they’re spoiling you. Stay in stylish private cabins and order room service after a long journey – everything from a cup of coffee to a heavy meal will be delivered at all hours.

  • Free wifi, hot drinks, internet
  • Guests services
  • Free luggage room
  • Comfy bed and monsoon shower

Bloc Hotel Gatwick

This hotel at the South Terminal has modern and sophisticated rooms specially designed by a Scandinavian sleep expert to ensure your snooze is one of the best. It has a humidity control system and air conditioner to ensure that you have the ideal temperature every night for a restful, rejuvenating sleep. With access to both Apostrophe and Giraffe during your stay, you can treat yourself to a luxurious breakfast before enjoying dinner in between your meetings – all at a special price.

  • Benefit from free, fast internet across the hotel
  • Choose from two restaurants for a meal (for free)
  • Book parking at Gatwick airport
  • Free HD TV screen in your room
  • Shower with Zenology body products

Sofitel London Gatwick Hotel

Incorporate luxury into your stay by staying at this 4-star boutique hotel with 11 meeting rooms at the North Terminal. Featuring stylish interiors and discreet yet friendly and efficient service, the Sofitel offers guests a luxurious yet relaxed experience. Wifi access is available in all rooms, as well as an LCD TV with pay-per-view movies. Taste Asian delicacies at Gatwick Oriental, or enjoy traditional European meals from La Brasserie. If you want a lighter bite, head to Le Café for coffee and snacks throughout the day.

  • You can get 24-hour room service.
  • Safety deposit boxes found in all rooms.
  • There are 14 meeting rooms.
  • The hotel has a fitness suite.

Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport

Book a car park, stay & go package at this 0.5 miles away hotel and leave your car at the airport whilst you’re away. Stay in a room with free high-speed internet access and priced at £16 per night. You can enjoy comfort food from the Traders Restaurant, including the option of room service. You can book Park, Stay, and Go services. All Rooms at the Holiday Inn come with a hairdryer, desk and trouser press.

  • Business centre & ATM
  • Executive suites and floors are available
  • Laundry and dry cleaning pick up service
  • Executive rooms for guests with limited mobility

Courtyard London Gatwick Airport

The convenience of valet parking and a free shuttle to the airport just 0.7 miles away make this parking lot hard to beat. Enjoy mouth-watering menus from Chef Ambrosio at the Volare, or relax in a stylish setting at the Volare bar. Each guest room provides an LCD TV with free movie channels, as well as a hair-dryer, iron and ironing board. Benefit from exclusive overnight parking with our on-site car park at £15 per day.

  • Guests can benefit from our onsite amenities
  • WiFi in all public areas (with fee)
  • A small fitness centre with yoga mats available
  • On-site ATM, fax and photocopying services
  • Three meeting rooms with free parking

ibis London Gatwick Airport Hotel

Preferably for those with no budget and are located 2.5 miles from the airport with a 5 minutes drive. The rooms are beautifully furnished with comfortable beds and a working desk. Join the FOGG’s Café for the best buffet breakfast available. Freshly brewed coffee awaits with a warm smile from our friendly staff—indoor and outdoor parking with valet available on request. Fees apply.

  • They can provide wake-up calls
  • It is wheelchair accessible
  • Free WiFi throughout the hotel
  • Pets welcome (from £10 per pet, per night)
  • Check-in online before you arrive

Ramada Crawley Gatwick

This hotel is 3.2 miles from airport terminals with high-speed wifi and great local connections. Each room features a flat-screen TV, trouser press, coffee facilities and tea, a hairdryer and bathroom amenities. The Ramada Crawley Gatwick has a restaurant that will suit all tastes and a bar with live entertainment.

  • Use the free wi-fi in public areas
  • Meeting rooms for business work
  • Put your luggage in the luggage room
  • Have your laundry done
  • Free parking

Crowne Plaza Gatwick

Make a luxurious stay at this 3.2 miles distant hotel with services including the onsite fitness centre and wi-fi, as well as the £3 shuttle service. Discover a warm welcome at our award-winning Crowne Plaza Gatwick hotel, where you can enjoy large, stylish bedrooms equipped with all your modern conveniences. Each room comes with a flat-screen TV to help you relax after a long day. Enjoy three restaurants, two bars and free in-room dining inside Gatwick’s top hotel.

  • Free meeting rooms available for public
  • Free 24 hour gym facilities
  • Complimentary use of on-site bar and restaurant
  • Disabled access rooms
  • Complimentary in-room aromatherapy products

Holiday Inn Express Gatwick

If you’d rather be closer to Crawley and the local attractions but still not too far from the airport, this would be the best option at 3.5 miles of distance. Blackout shades, sofa bed, tea and coffee, private bathroom – all the comforts you’d expect from a hotel room. You can even request interconnecting rooms if you’d like to stay with your travel partner or family. Dine at the hotel restaurant or visit the friendly staff at The Harvester for a delicious dinner. Parking is £7 per night.

  • Storage facility for your guests
  • Multilingual staff
  • Modern & fully-equipped rooms
  • Wake up call on your room phone
  • Access to meeting Room

Attractions Around Gatwick

The UK’s capital is a massive city with a lot to offer. Depending on how much time you have, there is a lot you can see in London. If you’re blessed enough to find some spare hours or days in your schedule, you will want to spend it in the passion of this massive country and its capital. Following are some of the best things to do near Gatwick Airport in the city;

Leeds Castle

As one of the most historic aircraft collections in the country, the Gatwick Aviation Museum features a unique collection of British aircraft. The Gatwick Aviation Museum is situated within 7 minutes by car from Gatwick Airport and features the history of flight and the Golden Era of aviation.

Gatwick Aviation Museum

As one of the most treasured castles in Britain, Leeds Castle offers a world of magic, excitement, and intrigue. Enjoy the scenery and relax as you stroll through 44 acres of rolling lawns, formal gardens, and woodlands planted in the 400s—Walkthrough centuries of English history. For an exhilarating experience, play golf on one of Europe’s most unique courses.

Golden Tours

Golden Tours takes you on an exciting adventure around London. You’ll travel the city in style, and enjoy the very best that London has to offer. For those who want a bit more than just the usual sightseeing highlights, they provide an exciting collection of tours that delve into the very depths of London’s legendary landmarks and attractions. The tour takes you from Notting Hill to the London Eye and is a great way to see the city in a short amount of time.

Lingfield Park Racecourse

Lingfield is a bustling racecourse offering betting facilities, refreshments and dining. It has an all-weather course and safe, secure parking on site a short distance from Gatwick Airport. You’ll find a perfect blend of racing in the beautiful Surrey countryside.

The Hawth

Bringing a wealth of arts and entertainment to the Crawley area, The Hawth successfully unifies the arts. In Crawley, West Sussex, you can experience a world of exciting performances and an exciting mix of music, theatre, comedy, dance and other acting gigs. It’s a complex yet straightforward venue with something for everyone.


Wings is your ticket to fun and adventure. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about aviation history, including; The Home Front, RAF Fighter Command, The Blitz, Battle of Britain, Bomb Disposal. Generous savings available to early bookers, so you can relax and know you’ve made a great choice.

Gatwick Aviation Museum

It is about 7 minutes walk from the Gatwick airport and 3.7 miles away. The Gatwick Aviation Museum features a unique collection of British Aircraft; the museum also showcases aircraft manufactured by English Electric, Avro, de Havilland, Hawker, Fairey, Blackburn, Percival. It’s a stone’s throw away from Gatwick Airport.

Here are some of the deals that you can avail of during your short tour around the airport.

The London Explorer Pass

The Explorer Pass offers easy choice and flexibility with no hidden extras. Open for 30 days from first use; it gives you access to over 20 of the best London attractions, including 3-day hop on hop off buses. Choose from Tower Bridge Exhibition, Dreamworks Tours, Shrek’s Adventure and many more amazing sites near each other.

London Pass

The London Pass is quite a simple deal. The pass gives you access to 80 of the most popular attractions in London, as well as the Walking Tours and other benefits. The price of the London Pass depends on how long you’ll be in London. You can skip the long queues by getting the Fast Track Entry to enjoy more.

Travel Advice

Travel chaos can often disrupt your schedule and travel plans. Delays and cancellations happen for a whole variety of reasons: technical problems, strikes, the weather – to name a few. Here’s how to deal with this kind of disruption when travelling via plane. We will cover some good advice on how to deal with unavoidable complications or even cancellations when flying;

If your flights get cancelled or delayed by the airline, check with the airport to see if they are using emergency or temporary facilities. They may also have another flight scheduled for a slightly later time. Once you know what the latest information is, go and check your rebooking options. Most importantly, rebook right away – don’t wait until all the passengers in front of you are off the phone with an airline agent or their travel company. The best thing to do is to keep checking for up-to-date travel information on your airline’s website.

The airlines know best about the circumstances, and if your flight got delayed or cancelled, it is for your safety. Make some photocopies of your passport, visas and insurance details. Leave a copy with someone at home. If you’re disabled or have a mobility problem, ask your airline or tour operator about special assistance when booking. It’s always worth leaving plenty of time before your flight so that you don’t end up rushing, stressed or becoming late for your flight.

Precautions During Covid-19 Times

Here are the preventive measures every passenger must take while travelling to or from Gatwick Airport in covid-19 times;

  • Always practice safe travel by ensuring that you have a face mask on and keep 6 feet between you and other passengers during your flight.
  • We recommend you check the entry and health requirements of the countries you are visiting.
  • Evidence of a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination will help expedite your entrance and departure to any country.
  • On your arrival to the UK, you may need to show various forms to the airport officials. Be prepared, especially if you’ve stayed or travelled in other countries since your last visit.
  • Passenger locator forms are available at the passenger information desk in the international terminal. Be sure to fill one out before you go through security.
  • There are a lot of different rules and quarantines that applied to you if you travel abroad. You will have to stay 10-14 days in quarantine after you arrive at Gatwick Airport.
  • If you’re entering a green list country, you will not have to quarantine once you test positive.
  • If you have to visit a country on the amber list, it is essential to know what to do when you return home to stay healthy. It takes 19 days to complete your quarantine and make arrangements to enter another country.
  • When you visit a red list country, you enter a period of isolation lasting ten days. After eight days have passed, you are required to submit samples for testing.
  • Don’t leave the airport until your final destination. If you need to transit in England, stay at the airport and follow England’s testing and quarantine rules.
  • You should have a travel insurance policy, even if you’re only going on a fan trip. Travel fit with your local GP or the travel clinics to make sure you’re stocked up with everything you need.

Plan Your Trip to Gatwick Airport For A Hassle-free Trip

Are you already planning to make a trip through Gatwick Airport? If that’s the case, don’t forget to read our article on the dos and don’ts, so you know what to expect. At 247 Airport Ride, our Gatwick Airport Travel Guide provides helpful advice for visitors to the area, so you can use our guide to plan your trip or enjoy your travel time! We’re here to help you discover everything there is to do and see around Gatwick, from classic sights to off-the-beaten-path destinations.

London Gatwick Airport FAQs

When your airline cancels your flight, you should be allowed to either rebook or request a refund.

As long as each item fits into a clear plastic bag that’s less than 20cmx20cm, you can take as much as you need. There are also free clear plastic bags available in the security areas.

If you buy oversize liquids duty-free at Gatwick Airport, they need to be in a clear sealed bag with the receipt inside the bag. This rule applies whether you’re in the international or domestic parts of Gatwick Airport.

London Heathrow Airport connects by a fast and frequent subway. Terminal 5 has promising pathways for transfers so that you will be fine. Following the signs to flight connections will lead you to a bus that will take you to Terminal 3. You’ll go through security and release into the T3 shopping mall.

If you have misplaced personal items in the terminal, contact customer care straight away for the lost property team to reunite you with your belongings. The Airport Lost Property office can help you if you lose something on your journey through the airport.

The Heathrow Express is the ultimate way to reach London from the airport. The train whisks you from Heathrow to Paddington in just 15 minutes and operates every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.

London Heathrow handles a large number of international flights and has the opportunity to provide services to passengers or travellers from all over the world. From private lounges to Elite suits and restaurants, this airport has gone above and beyond to create an experience that puts you first.

There are two terminals at Gatwick. Connecting between them is easy with the free shuttle bus service, which has a journey time of around three minutes. Signs in both terminals direct you to the shuttle pick-up area.

If you walk from T2 to the railway station, it will take you to T5 within 7-8 minutes, and you will pass the tube station route. Terminals 2 and 5 have train connections where a shuttle bus will transfer you to your connecting Terminal.

Yes, we serve passengers or travellers with quick airport transfers to all major airports in London, including Gatwick Airport, London Stansted Airport, Luton Airport, and London City Airport.

Meetings and events are a key part of Gatwick’s offer to the passengers, and it offers everything you need to make them successful. From meeting rooms to private working areas, there is something to suit every business traveller at Gatwick.

Yes, they are safe. Heathrow Airport transfer taxis offer excellent and secure service for foreign tourists travelling from London to all over the UK.

You can connect by choosing ‘Gatwick WiFi’ from the available networks on your device. You then need to add your name and password to access your account.

The coach stops are on the forecourt of both the South and North Terminals. Although most services operate from the lower South Terminal, some also stop at the North Terminal.

You can buy a coach ticket from the National Express ticket desks in both terminals, or you can book in advance online. You can also buy Megabus tickets online or from the Airport Concierge desk in the arrivals lounge.

You can use the journey planner at the airport’s official website to get directions to and from Gatwick’s terminals.

The postcode for Gatwick Airport South Terminal is RH6 0NP, and the postcode for Gatwick Airport North Terminal is RH6 0PJ.

It’s effortless to pick up and drop off at Gatwick – follow the signs to the dedicated pick-up and drop-off zones. If dropping someone off, look out for the dedicated drop-off zone outside each terminal, costing a minimum of £5.

You can buy tickets in advance online at the station or the rail desk from both terminals.

To pay for travel at Gatwick, you need a valid ticket, contactless payment card or Oyster card.

The official Gatwick app helps you stay in touch with your flights, and they’ll send you to push notifications whenever there is a change to your flight schedule.

The National Express is the only direct public transportation between Heathrow and Gatwick. Although it is the only public transport option, it is not the cheapest. Hailing a taxi from Heathrow to Gatwick would be a convenient option.

Since restrictions on carry-on luggage vary depending on airline policy, check with your airline directly about the rules for bringing carry-on bags.

If your flight is within the EU, you do not need to re-check in and proceed straight through passport and security control. It depends on whether your bags are checked through to your final destination, and if you have a boarding card, the chances are that you’ll be walking straight out.

You can travel by rail from Gatwick to Victoria Station within 30 minutes via the Gatwick Express. There’s also a frequent local train service, or you can take advantage of the bus services to Central London. The best way is to take an airport transfer taxi, taking 1 hour 14 minutes through the meet & greet service.

The National Express Heathrow – Gatwick bus service links two busy UK airports. It takes you into central London within an hour. Despite being the only direct public transport between the two airports, it is often not the cheapest. A better option is to use an airport taxi transfer service for travelling between the airports.

When travelling by air, you can expect to land at London Heathrow after an approximate flight time of 33 minutes. It also adds 30 minutes for take-off and landing along with the wind speeds.

Find out how you can travel direct from Gatwick Airport to Heathrow Airport for just £16 one-way*. You’ll have a guaranteed seat, room to take your luggage and arrive at your destination relaxed.

Yes, you can get to Heathrow Airport from London Gatwick Airport by train. You can take a train from Gatwick to Victoria station and switch to London Paddington station. From there you can take a service to Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 & 3 that departs from Paddington Station. The journey takes about an hour and 13 minutes and includes two transfers between trains.

You can reach Bracknell in 2 hours 10 minutes by train. Trains depart from Gatwick Airport every 15 minutes or less, and the journey lasts for about 2 hours and 10 minutes on average. That’s an average of 72 trains every day.

You can reach Bracknell in 2 hours 10 minutes by train. Trains depart from Gatwick Airport every 15 minutes or less, and the journey lasts for about 2 hours and 10 minutes on average. That’s an average of 72 trains every day.

Getting to Birmingham by train is accessible from Gatwick Airport. You’ll find trains every hour taking you from the airport to Birmingham New Street in around 3 hours and 12 minutes. With advance tickets starting at just £11, it’s quick and convenient.

Trains leave from Cambridge to London Gatwick Airport (LGW) every 15 to 20 minutes. The trip takes around 1 hour and 25 minutes with eight connections a day and costs about £35 – £50.

On average it takes 2 hours and 27 minutes to travel from Oxford to Gatwick Airport by train. There are 55 trains per day travelling from Oxford to Gatwick Airport, and tickets start at £15.60 when you book in advance.

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