5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bracknell

Bracknell is a majestic place. Situated in the westernmost area of urban England, this town seems to fascinate residents and tourists alike. It seems to act as a magnet for adventurous minds, nature-admirers, and peace-lovers.

People travelling from Bracknell to LutonHeathrow, Stansted, or elsewhere, carry tales of its majesty that arouses curiosity amongst others. And often, we hear these people wondering aloud about what the place beholds. 

Well, we realize not everybody can travel instantly to the town to get the answer themselves. And so, we have brought for you a compilation of five mind-blowing facts about Bracknell. Continue reading to unravel the fascinating aspects of this magical town!

1) Radiates love for Arts and Creativity

Radiates love for Arts and Creativity - 247 airport ride

Did you know that the green city treasures great love for arts and creativity? Well, the spark for nourishing arts in Bracknell first ignited when the South Hill Park mansion transformed into an Arts Centre.

It has a huge theatre, named after the Irish poet Oscar Wilde. You can find a list of plays that the artists will perform and get the tickets. You can even enrol in one of their art courses and let your hidden creativity unravel. Time for some facts!

Kate Winslet is a patron of the South Hill Park Arts Centre.
BBC once owned the building of the Arts Centre.
Spice Girls recorded their first record at the Arts Centre.
While travelling in your Bracknell Airport Taxi, do not forget to stop by this amazing Arts Centre. It has much more to explore!

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2) Cherishes Football like none other!

Cherishes Football like none other - 247 airport ride

Here’s another startling fact; the serene city loves sports! Unbelievable, right? We thought that too. But considering the records, the town seems more involved in sports than most other places in England, especially football.

Bracknell has such a moving love for football that there’s a football club based in the town, namely, Bracknell Town, F.C. Nicknamed as The Robins, this club affiliated itself with Berks & Bucks Football Association.

Some recent intriguing facts about Bracknell’s football include:

Lately, Bracknell UK featured 68 different players in one session.
Against Wokingham and Emmbrook, Bracknell has scored the most goals.
The 22-year old Adam Cornell from the football club in Bracknell scored 20 goals in the games that he played. There are several other fascinating facts that you’ll come across, if you too, follow Bracknell’s passion for football.

3) Possesses a Magical Piece of Land

Possesses a Magical Piece of Land - 247 airport ride

Often, referred to as Bracknell Forest, did you know that there is no such forest? People confuse the term Bracknell Forest with the Swinley Forest. These woods have gifted Bracknell with the most magical things. Read more to unravel!

There are numerous redoubts in the Swinley Forest.
Caesar’s Camp at the woods provides a deep insight into the history.
You can find a lot of valuable wildlife at the management centre.
The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow-Part 1 got filmed at the Swinley Forest. However, 160 trees got cut to begin the filming. Amongst the woods, there is a lot to unearth and marvel. Book a ride with the best airport transfer Bracknell service today!

4) Believes in Rebirth

Believes in Rebirth - 247 airport ride

We have all heard about cities that got buried and even abandoned their towns. But have you heard about a city that refuses to give up on its people?

Perhaps, not. And this makes Bracknell one-of-its-own-kind. Only because the city had aged and carried scars from the past, the authorities did not turn away their face. Rather, they, alongside with Bracknell Regeneration Partnership, worked endlessly to give a new, energized, and up-to-date look to the place.

The work began in 2011 and fairly came near to end by 2015. During this time, several new restaurants, shops, malls, bus stations, and other similar recreational places got opened. With many new places to visit, phenomenal transport services, like 247 Airport Ride, got a chance to truly fulfil their purpose and fully bloomed.

5) Offers Healthier Life!

Offers Healthier Life - 247 airport ride

Last but not in any case the least, Bracknell offers one of the healthiest lifestyles in the southeast. As per the record, the place has the lowest death rate in the southeast.

And we believe the credit goes to all the proficient services offered in this area. Be it, hospital services, administration and management services, security services, ease-ensuring banking services, retail shops, or even airport taxi service Bracknell. These proficient services keep the residents from stressing out unnecessarily and thus, saving their health.



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