Dine In Style: The Ultimate Guide to Bracknell Restaurants

Eating out in Bracknell is a big thing. Bracknell is a bustling town, with a diverse range of restaurants to suit all tastes and occasions. From refined fine dining to quick bites, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to Bracknell’s restaurants. We’ve compiled this guide to some of our favourite Bracknell eateries so that you can choose where to dine in style!

About The Town

Bracknell is a small town situated in the heart of the London commuter belt. It is a town that has seen much change over the years. It has been transformed into an affluent area with plenty of new housing developments to suit all tastes – from family homes to villas for those looking for more luxurious accommodation.

Bracknell’s old market town centre retains its historic charm while also providing plenty of modern amenities. With a wide range of shops, places to eat and drink as well as the town’s many interesting historic sites, there is always something to keep everyone entertained in Bracknell.

Top Food Categories in Bracknell

Bracknell Restaurants are a mix of both traditional and modern establishments. The town has a wide range of restaurants to choose from, with many different top categories to suit all tastes;

  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Thai
  • Greek
  • American
  • European
  • Italian

With such a variety, it’s easy for everyone in your group or family to find something they enjoy eating! Get that perfect meal for you, and enjoy the atmosphere of Bracknell.

Chinese Restaurants in Bracknell

Chinese cuisine has always been a popular choice of travellers around the globe. The Chinese restaurants in Bracknell offer food menus loaded with a wide array of dishes that you can choose for your taste buds. To add to your experience, the restaurants also have great deals for takeaway or dine-in options. Here are some of the best Chinese restaurants near you in Bracknell;

Tang's Buffet Bracknell

Tang's Buffet Bracknell - 247 airport ride

Tang’s brings together excellence, variety and value from the world under one roof. It serves the finest in cuisines with a wealth of variety from exotic locales and strives to keep its food menus up-to-date, bringing you an extensive selection of Chinese cuisines that is second to none.

Haka Chinese Takeaway

Haka Chinese Takeaway - 247 airport ride

The Haka Chinese Takeaway is one of Bracknell’s most popular takeaway restaurants, located in 10 Rectory Row, Easthampstead. This small, intimate Chinese restaurant in Bracknell offers some of the best and unique food menu items, including chicken and pork dishes, beef, seafood, and other set meals for £3.40 to £6.10.

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China Express

China Express - 247 airport ride

Located in 13 Wildridings Square, Bracknell RG12 7SJ, this Bracknell restaurant offers various food menu such as Chinese Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls, Hong Kong Style, Crispy Shredded Chilli Beef, Special Fried Rice, and Chicken Chow Mein. The food menu is varied starting from £2.90, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Binfield Kitchen

Binfield Kitchen - 247 airport ride

Located in 2 Fairview Villas, Terrace Rd N, Binfield Kitchen is a Bracknell restaurant that serves all of your favourite takeaway dishes. You get only the best tasting soup, appetizers, king prawn, chicken and pork, chow mein and beef dishes at a fair price at this Bracknell restaurant.

J3 Chinese Takeaway

J3 Chinese Takeaway - 247 airport ride

This Bracknell restaurant at 10 Horndean Road Forest Park Shops, Bracknell, is a well-known Chinese takeaway restaurant in the town that serves delicious food to locals and guests. No matter if you’re craving hot, sour and salty flavours or spicy food with lots of garlic and chilli – J3 Chinese Takeaway will satisfy all your cravings!

Indian Restaurants in Bracknell

The Bracknell restaurants are known for their fine Indian cuisines. The Indian restaurants in Bracknell offer the best-marinated meats and chutneys. The dishes served here have a range of ingredients and spices that makes the food interesting to savour. If you have a passion for traditional Indian cuisine, then there is no need to look further than the Indian restaurants near you in Bracknell.

Shahi Restaurant

Shahi-Restaurant - 247 airport ride

Your trip to Bracknell is incomplete without having delicious food and a hearty serving at Shahi Restaurant Bracknell. This Indian restaurant in 8 Wildridings Square is a great place to satiate your cravings for authentic Indian cuisine, including curries, biryanis, stews and chaats.

Sultan Balti House

Sultan Balti House - 247 airport ride

Located on 7 Great Hollands Square in Bracknell, Sultan Balti House is a perfect place for people looking for Indian food. It has an ample sitting area with a private booth providing the option to eat in a much cosier setting. With its unique menu and competitive prices, all you can eat here will not disappoint even the most fastidious food lovers.

Shahida's Indian Takeaway

Shahida's Indian Takeaway - 247 airport ride

This Bracknell restaurant lets you order a takeaway online with prices, takeaway deals, directions and online ordering. It is famous for its balti dishes and classic curries, including a range of vegetarian to seafood curries with Tandoori naan. Quick bites and starters range from £2.95 to £3.50 with free delivery within 3 miles radius for over £15!

Queen's Kitchen

Queen's Kitchen - 247 airport ride

The Queen’s Kitchen at 8 Market Street offers a delightful range of delectable dishes ranging from £5.00 to £8.50. The kitchen offers a wide selection of house prepared soups, curries, tandoori dishes, creamy dessert & soft foods.

Koh I Noor

Koh I Noor - 247 airport ride

This Bracknell restaurant in 3-5 Priestwood Square, Windlesham Road, is a destination of exquisite dishes for the discerning food connoisseur. Its well thought out menu features a selection of speciality dishes ranging from £2.50 to £11.50. It offers its customers a range of culinary experiences that will tempt the taste buds.

Thai Restaurants in Bracknell

When you think of Thai food, you probably think of the mouth-watering taste of noodles, soup, appetizers, curries and desserts. The Bracknell restaurants are well-known for serving food lovers popular Thai food. The unique blend of herbs and spices gives each dish a distinctive flavour that you crave more if you have tasted it already. Here are a few Thai restaurants near you in Bracknell;

Prince of Wales Thai Restaurant

Prince of Wales Thai Restaurant - 247 airport ride

A family pub transformed into an authentic Thai restaurant, Prince of Wales Thai Restaurant is a Bracknell landmark for over 20 years. Serving up authentic Thai cuisine with friendly service, this Bracknell restaurant provides all the Thai favourites from starters, noodles, salad and yum, side order and vegetable dishes starting from £6.00.

The Delivery Kitchen

The Delivery Kitchen - 247 airport ride

This Bracknell restaurant on 1st Floor, 6, West View, Market St offers Thai crackers, sweet and sour tofu, Thai spring rolls and much more. For people living in Bracknell who want authentic yet affordable Thai food, this is the place to go.

The East Asia Co

The East Asia Co - 247 airport ride

If you are in Bracknell and in the mood to have a nice Thai meal with some complimentary crackers with your meal, this is the place to be. This Bracknell restaurant located at 24 Vulcan Way, Sandhurst, offers meal deals for Thai crackers, edamame and curries at £18.00.

Greek Restaurants in Bracknell

The Greek restaurants in Bracknell are much popular because of their tasty food, the quaint surroundings and the excellent service. Greek cuisine is one of the foods that is diverse and rich in taste. Those who want to enjoy the Mediterranean food in the town can run over to the most recommended Greek restaurant nearby.

The Real Greek

The Real Greek - 247 airport ride

Offering a variety of meze (small plates), main meals, vegetarian dishes and desserts at £7.00 to £11.95, this popular Greek restaurant can accommodate all moods if you want a quick snack or an entire meal that you can enjoy with your friends or family.

American Restaurants in Bracknell

The American restaurants in Bracknell serve some of the best traditional and Latin American cuisines for food lovers. From Latin American cuisine, sandwiches, burgers and a lot more, you are sure to find something you like from our list of Bracknell restaurants. Here’s a list of the best American restaurants near you in Bracknell;

Blue's Smokehouse

Blue's Smokehouse - 247 airport ride

At Blue’s Smokehouse, you’ll savour the authentic taste of the south with succulent ribs, mouth-watering chicken and signature BBQ sauce. Blue’s Smokehouse Bracknell situates in Lexicon, serving casual US-style barbecue specializing in ribs, chicken & burgers starting from £4.50.

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays - 247 airport ride

TGI Fridays Bracknell lets you lose yourself in true American style. They offer to serve you with a drink and fantastic burgers, steaks, ribs, fish and chips, sandwiches, desserts or salads. From the food it serves to the drinks it makes, from its casual, laid-back atmosphere to its selection of over 100 beers, only Fridays favourites will do.

Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas - 247 airport ride

In 7 Eagle Lane, this Bracknell Restaurant serves up deliciously flame-grilled Latin American dishes and shared plates. At the same time, Las Iguanas prepares the provision of personalized table cards. With an extensive menu including cocktails and wine starting from £4.95, there’s plenty for everyone here at this trendy Restaurant.

Italian Restaurants in Bracknell

If you love Italian cuisine, then Bracknell is your place. The town is home to many famous restaurants to satisfy all your cravings. It’s not just pizza and pasta – you can try different types of Italian delicacies as well. Here are the best Italian restaurants near you in Bracknell;

Prezzo Italian Restaurant

Prezzo Italian Restaurant - 247 airport ride

Prezzo serves the best Italian food near you in Bracknell. Located in The Lexicon with an Italian feel, this is one dining experience where you’ll savour flavours from across Central Europe—offering both takeaway and dine-in service starting from £6.00 for those who are looking for authentic pizza, pasta & ribs in Bracknell!


Zizzi Bracknell - 247 airport ride

Zizzi is a family-friendly Italian restaurant that serves an extensive vegetarian, vegan and non-gluten menu – offering Garlic king prawns, bruschetta, lasagne, mushroom brindisi and much more. Located in Unit 6c, 9 Eagle Ln, Lexicon, this Bracknell restaurant serves Italian dishes ranging from £2.95 to £13.95 – all in a uniquely designed restaurant.

Pizza Express

Pizza Express - 247 airport ride

In 7 Eagle Lane, Bracknell, Pizza Express is the perfect place to come for delicious pizza near you with table service that satisfies any occasion from family meals or relaxed evenings out with loved ones. The extensive menu includes classic pizzas, calzones and pasta, as well as a range of sorbets.


Fuego - 247 airport ride

If you are the type who loves a good wine and want to try something new, get yourself a table at Fuego, a fantastic new wine bar in the heart of Bracknell. Fuego offers quality food starting from £3.50 to £11.00 and a fun atmosphere, but most importantly, it has a fantastic wine selection.

British Restaurants in Bracknell

Authentic British Roast dinner served on Sundays and a full breakfast available for those who have a busy day ahead or want to relax and enjoy the feast! Traditional foods, fish and chips and beef stews are typical meals served in British restaurants in Bracknell. Here are a few of the best British restaurants near you in Bracknell;

Bill's Bracknell

Bill's Bracknell - 247 airport ride

This Bracknell Restaurant has been serving up the finest in contemporary European cuisine for over 20 years. For a separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, you can head to Bill’s Bracknell Restaurant any time of day for some delectable dishes. It is close to both the Town Centre and The Lexicon Shopping Centre.

The Bull's Bracknell

The Bull's Bracknell - 247 airport ride

If you’re looking to find a great bar or pub with a great atmosphere and killer food, come to The Bull’s Bracknell. Their excellent menu offers something for everyone ranging from £6.50 to £9.00, and their pub garden is a great place to enjoy a meal, with ample seating available.

Weather Vane Brewers Fayre

Weather Vane Brewers Fayre - 247 airport ride

Visit Weathers Vane brewers fayre located in Arlington Square, Wokingham Rd, Bracknell and discover a lively restaurant and bar serving classic dishes and international favourites. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, brunch, or just somewhere to relax with friends, they have an extensive menu.


There’s nothing better than a hearty steak or a delicious curry when your craving arrives out of the blue. Bracknell is home to various eateries that cater to customers with different tastes, cuisines and budgets. 

  • Takeaway Menu: Enjoy the exclusive offers for takeaway menus for lunch or street food, offering a twist to the home-cooked meal.
  • Dine-in: With a wide range of dining options to suit every taste and occasion, treat yourself to a surprisingly delicious meal.
  • Food delivery: The fact that restaurants offer food delivery services to the town means you can enjoy a delicious pizza with table service wherever and whenever suits you.
  • Brunch: Bracknell has some of the most popular brunch spots in the area, perfect for those looking to start their day off on an indulgent note.

The Destination For Food Lovers

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