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We are here to enlighten you with the art of transforming even the most mundane stay into the most exhilarating one. Depending on your length of stay and duration of the flight(s) you can employ the following tactics and voila! Experience time passing in the blink of an eye. Following, we have highlighted 27 fun things to do during your airport stay:

1) Hunt the Airport Entertainment Facilities

Hunt the Airport Entertainment Facilities - 247 airport ride

Although not all airports render entertainment facilities to make your layover exciting, a lot of them are clinging to the idea. Fortunately, more or less, all airport these days are getting there. They offer boredom-killers where the travellers can resort to myriads of paid or unpaid fun- be it access to free wi-fi, kid’s playground, an arts and crafts workshop, a T.V. room, a glorious shopping mall, a lounge or an entertainment area with free video games and music-listening pods. Essentially, one shouldn’t hesitate to enquire about all the facilities or amenities provided by the airport from the information desk.

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2) Feast on All You Can

You must be already be starving after doing all the eleventh-hour packing. So, why not conduct your very own food tour of the airport and whet your appetite? Airport food courts featuring independent stalls and street-food discoveries will make you fall in love with their diverse regional menu, finger-licking snacks, and wholesome meals. Also, many airports are home to franchises of popular local restaurant chains where you can satisfy your cravings one final time before departure.

3) Splash at the Airport Lounge

Splash at the Airport Lounge - 247 airport ride

Chic Airport lounges are the norm these days. They are essentially a perfect home away from home- an impeccable spot to stretch your cramped muscles on the cozy couches, skim through countless newspapers and magazines, sip on a free beverage, feast on a food buffet and free wi-fi. Fore! Some high-end airport lounges even feature amenities like showers and movie theatres.

4) Shop until you Drop

Shop until you Drop - 247 airport ride

Airports are home to some of the most renowned branded stores where the passengers can conveniently get rid of their last coins of foreign currency. In addition, the airport duty-frees are literally love-at-first-sight where you can go nuts shopping kitschy souvenirs, local or designer wear, accessories, eatables, and gifts.

5) Hit the Gym

Hit the Gym - 247 airport ride

You are probably feeling dead after making all the last-minute errands. So, why not recharge your battery? Modern airports these days feature yoga studios let alone gyms where the passengers can tremendously boost their energy levels with a little exercise. 

6) Go Out and Explore

If the transit is long, many airports facilitate free day trips via direct cabs or train services into towns. Take this opportunity to undertake a short yet fulfilling tour to discover the foreign land.

7) Socialize Well

Airports are the melting point of people belonging from all backgrounds, culture, religion, gender, and age. Strike a conversation with anyone sitting beside you and get a chance to acquaint with their traditions and lifestyle. Apart from the fellow passengers, you can interact with the bored airport staff behind the desk. Regardless of who you find, you are sure to make some amazing friends who would love to hear you and get heard. 

8) Cleaning Your Wallet/Hand-Carry

Cleaning Your Wallet Hand-Carry - 247 airport ride

Often our wallets/bags are flooded with unnecessary receipts. You can productively use this free time by disposing off all the rubbish.

9) Play the Name Game

Play the Name Game - 247 airport ride

Test your knowledge by identifying the name and continent of the destination cities appearing on the departure screen.

10) Make Non-Urgent Calls

Make Non-Urgent Calls - 247 airport ride

A buddy or a family member you haven’t gotten a chance to speak in a while? Your dad, your aunt, your grandma, or a high-school friend? Give them a call. You can also catch up with a colleague, leave messages, dispatch emails, or reply to unattended calls/messages if you haven’t been able to connect with work and office lately.

11) Learn the Native Language of Your Destination

Nothing is more exciting and engaging than learning a new language. Open up your smartphone to familiarize with some common, day-to-day native words of the country you are visiting.

12) Get some Sleep

Get some Sleep - 247 airport ride

Nothing can beat the bliss of a having a sound nap and momentarily forgetting all the worries.

13) Stay at the Airport Hotel

Stay at the Airport Hotel - 247 airport ride

You can also consider a stay at the airport hotel if the transit is long where you can take advantage of hotel’s other amenities like a pool, Hot tub, Sauna, sports, etc. besides a cozy bed. However, the key is to set your alarm according to the time zone.

14) Pick Up a Board Game

Pick Up a Board Game - 247 airport ride

Playing board games is undoubtedly the best diversion which humans ever invented. So, make sure to get hold of a portable board-game before you head to the airport – be it a Sukodo, UNO, Ludo, Chess, Cards or a Book of Cross-words. Invite your fellow travelers to join you and let the time fly.

15) Window-shop

Shops and malls are ubiquitous in most international airports where one can window-shop to the heart’s content. So why not load up your downtime gazing and ravishing over some splendid branded articles?

16) Treat Yourself with a Spa

Treat Yourself with a Spa - 247 airport ride

Are you on a hunt to relax your muscles and melt away all the stress? Congratulations! Many contemporary airports have inbuilt salons that offer spa and other beauty treatments where the passengers can spoil themselves to the core by having a soothing back or foot massage, facial treatment, or a simple mani-pedi.

17) Strengthen Your Spirituality

Strengthen Your Spirituality - 247 airport ride

Most airports have chapels, mosque or mini-temples and ‘quiet rooms’ to render passengers some solitary introspection- be it praying, meditation or contemplation. Moreover, the prestigious London Heathrow Airport even has Anglican and Catholic chaplains alongside Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Sikh’ faith representatives’ who are always available and can be quickly sought for advice.

18) Vamp up your Girly Skills

Watch Youtube Tutorials to polish your make-up skills, try on different hair-dos, and give yourself a glam look. Alternatively, you can get a free make-over from a duty-free.

19) Updating the Travel Journal

Travel diaries are a fantastic way to preserve all the fond memories and unique travel experiences so as to keep them forever alive. One can efficiently utilize the airport layover by inscribing all the wanderlust-worthy travel recaps in the diary to cherish all your life.

20) Add a New Book to Your Reading List

Add a New Book to Your Reading List - 247 airport ride

Newsstands and bookstores are becoming increasingly common in the airport these days. Grab a classic you never had a chance to read or give a shot to a current best-seller or update yourself with all the trendy news and latest global happenings.

21) Work or Study Remotely

Work or Study Remotely - 247 airport ride

Nothing passes the time well than engaging yourself in some pending work or catching up on your studies.

22) Walk Around

Your airport doesn’t feature a gym? No worries! Take a brisk walk around the terminal and rejuvenate your spirits before or after a long flight.

23) Concentrating on the Airport Rhythm

Lie down, close your eyes, and enjoy the airport sounds to sway through the moment.

24) Get Back to Nature

Modern Airports have come a long way with a couple of them boasting breath-taking green respites. For instance, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport has successfully implanted a portion of the Malaysian rainforest while there are several gardens including an orchid garden with koi pond and a tropical habitat packed with carnivorous plants, butterflies and a waterfall grotto grown inside Singapore’s Changi Airport.

25) Explore with a Scavenger Hunt

Wish to tactfully convert the boredom into a time of excitement and wonder for your little munchkins? A creative knack to get the kids busy if they are getting on your nerves is to invent a scavenger hunt. Make a list of random objects, hand it over to your kids and ask them to search.

You must have realized by now that a long layover, an unexpected delay or a prolonged transit doesn’t necessarily have to be an agonizing or exhausting experience ONLY AND ONLY IF you master the art and skills to make efficient use of your time. Every Second Counts. So, make each minute worth it. Hopefully, the aforementioned activities will not only help you kill the seemingly infinite hours but also beware you from the impeding boredom. Rest assured, you will learn to love even the most threadbare of stays.

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