Top 3 Bracknell Restaurants

Traveling and Food are an inseparable combination in Bracknell. While walking down the streets, the mouth-watering aroma from nearby restaurants can make anyone’s stomach rumble. The town has a lot of amazing restaurants and food places. And, almost every food-passionate individual from locals to tourists remains busy in exploring the diverse food culture of Bracknell. Well, are you currently in Bracknell or planning to visit it? Have you searched about Bracknell where to eat? If you are willing to try out the exotic food variety, then do not forget to stop your Bracknell taxi at the following top-3 restaurants!

Blue’s Smokehouse

Located in the Lexicon, Blue’s Smokehouse forms the heart of Bracknell cuisine in true means. The US-style restaurant welcomes BBQ lovers with open arms. It specializes in ribs, pulled pork, chicken, as well as burgers. Each BBQ platter and burger gets prepared by trained and professional chefs. And with the finest, high-quality ingredients, in the imported American smokers. The wide-ranging menu does not only satisfy meat-lovers but also serves those who do not prefer whole-meat meal, with dishes like:

  • Dirty Fries,
  • The Vegievore,
  • Loaded Chilli-cheese Nachos,
  • Macaroni Bites,
  • Macaroni Cheese Pie,
  • Havana Burger,
  • And many more!

Since both residents and tourists love the place, none of the seats in the restaurant remains unoccupied for a minute. For those who haven’t booked their place earlier online or on call, Blue’s Smokehouse has arranged a bar. Over here, people can relish:

  • Fine Wines, 
  • Classic Cocktails, 
  • And International and Craft Beer & Ciders

Until a table becomes available. The staff of the place also friendly and welcoming. Thus, maintaining a relaxed and informal environment. Perhaps, the best part of this barbeque restaurant is its location. No matter your driving your car or are trusting any of the airport transfers UK, you’ll reach the place in minutes, given that there’s no traffic.

Shahi Restaurant

Offering Asian cuisine, the Shahi restaurant has attained massive appreciation from all the locals as well as tourists. This top-rated restaurant brings forward an array of scrumptious Indian and Nepalese meals. If you are a food-lover with a knack of trying new exotic flavors, then do try out the Shahi restaurant. The comfortable atmosphere of the place and the welcoming staff make the dining experience wonderful. As the name of the place ‘Shahi’ translates into Royal, the interior of the restaurant has a luxurious touch. The golden-rimmed mirrors, huge yet comfy chairs, tables, and the decorations radiate a Shahi aura. 

As for the food, you can find a great variety, including curries, shashlik, naans, and delicious rice-oriented dishes. Most of the Nepalese, as well as Indian meals, get served in steel platters and cutlery. The food place also offers:

  • Happy hour food,
  • Wine,
  •  Beer, 
  • Vegan menu, 
  • Wheelchair accessibility, 
  • And several payment options.

 Apart from a great environment, the restaurant’s location offers easy access to locals. Located in a central position, it takes around 4-5minutes to reach the restaurant from the town center, if you are driving or traveling through a good Bracknell taxi service, such as 247 Airport RideDo try out this amazing food place with your family and friends!

The Golden Retriever

Here’s yet another wonderful answer to your Bracknell where to eat search.  The Golden Retriever is amongst the few restaurants in Bracknell that offer a wide array of dishes with a themed environment. Along with maintaining its farmhouse and rural charm, the restaurant promises tastes that will cling to your sub-consciousness now and forever. Their mouth-watering classic sandwiches, sweet puddings, scrumptious burgers, steaks, stone-baked pizzas, and even salads will bring you back to the place again and again. The all-embracing menu takes care of our Vegan friends’ diet and also features seasonal treats on occasions like Christmas, and even on Sundays. For the developing taste buds of children, the restaurant also offers a separate special menu for them. As a pub, there’s also a bar which offers the finest beers, ales, and wines.


Now that you know about the best food places, please do not waste your time in searching for Bracknell where to eat on several sites.  Instead, book a taxi from the Bracknell’s top service, 247Airport Ride, today, and enjoy a scrumptious meal at these restaurants. Surely, you will cherish every moment from the ride to the munching on food delights!

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