Regenerating The Towns Centre

Sitting in your Bracknell taxi, the skyscrapers flashing past your window, driving towards the Lexicon, have you ever pondered upon the background of this prosperous town? Have you ever thought about the effort that went into its planning, construction as well as its plan? As a local or tourist, you may find this gem of a town rather amusing and intriguing. However, the bricks and walls tell very little of its story. Hence, today, we present you with a comprehensive background of the regeneration of this encapsulating land, the Bracknell town’s center.

Over the past few years, Bracknell has seen massive regeneration. With several new developments, one can find the present-day Bracknell entirely different from the one that existed a decade ago. You can find advancements in every sector, such as the airport transfers UK in transportation. However, the most prominent and noteworthy changes have occurred in the town’s center. Let’s attain a detailed insight!

Phases of Development

Regenerating The Towns Centre - 247 airport ride

The very first phase of Bracknell’s Towns Centre regeneration began, back in 2011. It seems quite unbelievable, but yes, that’s true! The opening of £6 million Waitrose store on Bond Way was the first one to set history and bring a positive change in the lives of Bracknell forest residents. And of course, those residing in or nearby Thames Valley area as well as the tourists. It was the very first development in this area that more or less became an inspiration for the second phase.

In the following phase of development, millions of pounds worth of investment and careful planning brought forward, what we now know as The Lexicon. Today, the place gets recognized as the treasured heart of Bracknell. It comprises of several shops, cinema, car parking, etc. Officially, it opened its gates for the public on 7th September 2017.

In case you think that’s about it, it’s not! Bracknell’s a beauty that’s never to stop. Authorities are considering further development plans for following:

  • Market Square, 
  • Southern Gateway, 
  • Civic Quarter,
  • Old Bentalls store, etc.

The Lexicon

The Lexicon - 247 airport ride

Forming the new attraction, the Lexicon is home to various shops, restaurants, and lots of entertainment. The main stores at Lexicon comprise of a 3-story Fenwick department store, Primark, and M&S. 

One can also enjoy a quality visual experience at the Cineworld that features 12-screens and several restaurants, including:

  • Zizzi
  • Prezzo
  • Nando’s

You can even find the Bull Pub on High Street. Hence, the Lexicon is a place of complete entertainment and enjoyment. Perhaps, it is the Lexicon’s popularity that any Bracknell taxi service, bus service, or individual drivers can locate the place easily. Overall, the development of the Lexicon consumed £24-million out of the total Bracknell regeneration budget. If you are in Bracknell, then do not forget to visit this amazing place. Shop, Eat, Watch, and spend an entire day refreshing your soul!

Future Plans

As mentioned earlier, there are new plans to revamp the Bracknell town all anew. Earlier this year, when a legal agreement got signed between BRP (Bracknell Regeneration Partnership) and BFC (Bracknell Forest Council), a new milestone in Bracknell Town’s Centre regeneration was established. The joint venture aims to bring new, high-tech escalators and lift lobbies to the customers. It means more fun for shopping fanatics!

 Along with that, it aims to bring a warm, welcoming, and convenient shopping experience with improved lighting, seating, eating places, and whatnot.

As per the schedules, the revamped Princess New Square will open its gates for locals and tourists all alike in spring 2020. And we expect to unravel the regenerated marvels of The Deck in 2022. Even more, the Bracknell Forest Council is currently seeking partners to develops Coopers Hill, Market Street, and Jubilee Gardens. So, be joyful as you will get to enjoy more in the coming days!

And 247 Airport Ride is more than excited to take you from your respective destination to the promising future wonders of Bracknell!



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