Bracknell Town – England’s Crowning Glory

In the westernmost region of London’s Greater Urban Area, lies a hidden treasure trove, namely Bracknell Town. The area of England, that’s locally governed but internationally acclaimed.

Bracknell, which means a corner of the land, forms a significant part of Berkshire, thanks to the ethos of this town. Even more, the area covered by the town is large enough to house 83,491 people currently.

By featuring a tranquil forest, the finest cuisine, venturous locality, and a serene, systematic framework and operation, the town serves ideally to the needs of both residents and tourists. To help you have a deeper insight to the town’s facilities and delicacies, here’s everything you need to know.

Flourishing Business in Bracknell

Located near London, Bracknell has attracted many famous business firms and companies. Thus, flourishing the town’s industrial sector extensively. Many firms find Bracknell an idealistic place to expand their market as it connects to different towns and has a good transport network. Initially, the manufacturing and tech-related companies entered Bracknell, including:

  • Panasonic
  • Clark Eaton
  • Honeywell
  • Racal
  • Fujitsu
  • Ferranti

By the 1970s, Bracknell had numerous service companies too. The Waitrose opened up a warehouse as well as its headquarters in 1972. If you have visited the town, then you must have seen the skyscrapers. Well, these high-rise buildings are none other than headquarters for various companies.

Bracknell's Extensive Transport Network

Over time, the transport network in Bracknell has developed substantially. If one wishes to move in and about the town, he/she can opt for the following transport modes:

  • Bus
  • Rail
  • Road

Although buses and railway services still operate in the town, the number of people opting for these services is reducing day by day. That’s because quick and convenient taxi services like 247 Airport Ride are replacing them. Making excellent use of the well-developed road links in Bracknell, the taxis bring safe, speedy conveyance with cheap fares.

What’s more, Heathrow airport is also near the town (approximately 13 miles to the east). Thus, making air travel easy for the residents. You can even reach farther airports like:

In no time, thanks to super-efficient airport transfer services, such as 247 Airport Ride’s Bracknell airport taxi service. Note that, like every other place, Bracknell also encounters traffic jam issues in peak hours. However, reputable airport transfer services are combating this issue quite effectively.

Peerless Entertainment in Bracknell

Before you sit in your Bracknell taxi, take some time out to list down the best places you would like to visit because the town is full of entertainment. You can find all sorts of enjoyment sources, ranging from the serene Lily Hill Park to energy-packed John Nike Leisuresport Complex. Here some of the top-rated attractions at Bracknell town:

The Lookout Discovery Centre Bracknell
South Hill Park
Lily Hill Park
Coral Reef Waterworld Bracknell
The Lexicon
Whoosh Play Centre (with in bracknell leisure centre)
John Nike Leisuresport Complex
Hedgehog Park

Undeniably, Bracknell town is a gem for the UK with its soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Please note that to make your journey even more joyful, choose only the best taxi service in bracknell.

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