Bracknell Cinema: Taking You Through The Best Cinemas In The Town

What better way to hang out with your best buddies at the weekend than to hit a local cinema hall in a town you’re visiting. Bracknell cinema halls always have something for everyone, whether it’s the latest Hollywood movie, an Oscar award-winning flick or a comedy adventure.

The best part is that the cinema halls locate within walking distances from many localities of Bracknell. Whether it is a school field trip or a get together with friends or relatives, cinemas are amongst the best ways to make a memorable experience.

Watch a movie at Xtreme screens, offering the finest technology to upscale your cinema experience at Bracknell. Make your leisure time more enjoyable by visiting Cinema Halls in Bracknell today!

Facilities at Bracknell Cinema

Suggested as one of the most luxurious things to do in Bracknell, going to a cinema is a perfect idea to spend a weekend getaway with family and friends. Bracknell Cinemas have a variety of facilities to offer;

Free Parking:

The cinemas in Bracknell feature luxury seats and free parking at the nearest car parks after 5 pm.


The Bracknell cinemas are easily accessible from anywhere in the city. Reach the Bracknell Cinema near you through the simplest routes on the railway or local buses.


With the fastest cinematic facilities, all the blockbuster releases screen before opening for the public.

Food & Drinks:

The exceptional catering services provided here mean you can watch films without the hassle of running around town queuing for ages to get in.

Disabled Facilities:

The cinemas in Bracknell offer wheelchair accessibility for disabled viewers on most of their screens.

Movies in Bracknell Cinema

Bracknell Cinemas offer a wide range of movies in a variety of formats and new release programmes. There is something for people of various interests to enjoy at the Bracknell theatres.

Laser TV screens, luxury foodservice and cinema-style first-class transport facilities make the cinemas unique.

Odeon Bracknell

The ODEON cinema resides in the Point Leisure Complex, a hub for restaurants, shopping centres, and many more facilities. It holds its grounds as one of the oldest cinema chains in Bracknell and plays host to a variety of facilities. 

You can find many movies, whether it be local or international. Hence, the Odeon cinema proves to be the ultimate entertainment station for all types of people.

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Cineworld Bracknell

Cineworld Cinema is a superior choice of movie-lovers in Bracknell for its unprecedented high entertainment standards. It provides an all-around movie experience to the audience with its motion chairs and fantastic audio. It features a 12 screen size with 4DX technology that will take you into a world of astonishing and realistic motion effects.

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Festivals at Bracknell Cinema

Bracknell Cinemas hosts many festivals that include both music and film-related industries, such as theatre events. So, if you plan to attend these events, then it is very likely that you will come across bands, singers and film stars who are in search of venues in which to hold their performances, as well as film crew members setting up their sets.

The Cineworld IMAX Film Fest is a one-day event playing exclusively at Cineworld cinema near you in Bracknell. Don’t miss the chance to see some of the most popular films on the biggest screen around. You’d only have to pay £3 for a completely thrilling experience.

Tickets & Bookings

Around the clock, the Bracknell Cinema offers a wide range of ticket prices and is also available for private hire on most days of the week. Not to worry about collecting tickets, waiting to pay or standing in queues for food and drinks. All you need is your phone for a faster, better booking.

Download the myODEON app or buy Cineworld Unlimited cards to buy tickets at peak times when you want to, earn rewards and get personalized service.

A Better Movie-going Experience in the town!

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Bracknell Cinemas Locations:

Cineworld Bracknell

Located in: The Lexicon, Bracknell
Address: 2 Eagle Ln, Bracknell RG12 1BG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 330 333 4444

Odeon Bracknell

The point, Skimped Hill Ln, Bracknell RG12 1EN, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 333 014 4501

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