Top 5 places of interest to travel in London

London is the largest urban area and the capital of both the sovereign union. London has been a part of various historical events. This is the reason why people like to travel London as an integral part of their trip. London is blessed with several museums and parks. It is a beautiful place and you must visit the place at least once in your lifetime. It is not easy to choose the places to travel in London because it is filled with a lot of history. London as a rich culture with great diversity, it contains much useful information for the people of all age groups. If you are planning for a tour, don’t miss to visit London. Here are some of the best places to travel in London:

London Tower

London Tower - 247 airport ride

The tower of London is located at the northern bank of the Thames river, it is a very spectacular place to visit. The tower of London has been enlisted in the world heritage list recently by UNESCO. It comprises of many buildings with a complex structure. It is also known as “white tower” which is believed to be a historic momentum.

British museum

British museum - 247 airport ride

The British museum showcases many works all over the world, from the ancient culture to the modern times. The things which you can find there are the Rosetta stone and the mummies from Egypt.

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The Big Ben and The Parliament House

The Big Ben and The Parliament House - 247 airport ride

The parliament house is one of the most beautiful and stunning spots in the Westminster. It consists of the houses of the lords and the commons. At the end of the parliament house stand the famous big Ben; this is visible from over a mile. It is popularly known as the clock tower and it is the big four faced chimney clock on the globe.

Madame Tusauds

Madame Tusauds - 247 airport ride

This is an exciting place to visit; here you can meet the most famous people from all around the world. Here travellers or the tourists can come face to face with the world’s most famous personalities, ranging from Shakespeare to Dalai Lama. This location gathers millions of visitors across the globe every year.

Buckingham palace

Buckingham palace - 247 airport ride

This is the major residence of the royalty of England known as London British monarch and it is presently the headquarters of royalty for administration. It is one of the rarest working places in the globe today.

Despite of being a large metropolitan city, London also has a lot of wildlife conservation to watch in and around the city. Travellers are sure to return home with an everlasting effect with a long lasting memory. Your vacation could definitely be very fruitful and enjoyable; it also has convenient tourist facilities available. You can visit the following websites to make your London trip more memorable and meaning full. check out our site to to book your Taxi transfer.



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