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Of all the things that Bracknell has to offer, its cine-world is the most spirited and striking. With the widest of screens and the latest technology, each of the Bracknell cinema remains a centre of interest in the entertainment-loving residents and tourists. As a result of the exceptional catering services provided by the contemporary cinemas, they remain a magnetic attraction round the clock. Be it washing away a day’s fatigue, or making an enthusiastic start, you can walk in at any time and enjoy the joys of life.

And if you’re worried about navigating your way to or about these crowded junctions, then worry not! From heading out from your home to making the right movie choice, 247 Airport Ride has got it all covered for you!

ODEON Cinema

Located at the Point, the ODEON cinemas are one of the oldest cinema chains in Bracknell. With an array of facilities, the ODEON Bracknell Cinema holds the position of being the best. You can find many movies, whether it be local
or international. The cinema in Bracknell offers Indian and Japanese movies in dubbed versions. Hence, the ODEON Cinema proves to be the ultimate entertainment station for all types of people. Also, you can avail of the free parking for up to 2-hours! If you are travelling in our Bracknell taxi, then you can even book on an hourly basis. So you will not have stress out about traveling after a fantastic movie session.

Cineworld Cinema

Cineworld holds a prominently unique position in United Kingdom’s cinematic world. The reputable name is the only one that brings 4DX cinemas to the land. A technology that’s a whole level ahead of 3D motions. And currently, it operates about 21 4DX cinemas all over the UK. Cineworld’s Bracknell Cinema is a 12-screen one, which also features the 4DX technology. It augments the pleasure and joy of your movie time by involving sensory experience. One does not only watch the movie but also experiences every scene as if they’re right there. For example, if the wind blows hard in the movie, you will be able to sense it. Or if the villain strikes at the hero from the back, the thump at the back of your chair will keep you in the battleground. From swirling winds to water splashes, the technology provides an immersive and interesting experience like none other. Thus, if you’re heading to Cineworld’s Bracknell cinema, it’s best to opt for action films! As for reaching the cinema, then you know what to do. Just call us up or inform us on our website. And we will be at your service, in no time! In nominal rates, 247 Airport Ride’s Bracknell taxis will take straight to Eagle Lane from your doorstep. As one of the most trusted names in  24/7 airport transfers UK, we promise an engaging, immersive, and convenient journey. Such that you will only have to take a few steps to transition from a phenomenal ride to a remarkable movie.

South Hill Park Cinema

The South Hill Park Arts Centre consists of a well-equipped cinema on the ground floor. With only 60-seats, the South Hill Park Cinema has a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy different movies in a stress-free and peaceful environment. The staff at this outstanding Bracknell cinema exhibits a warm and welcoming behaviour. The theatre shows all the latest blockbuster movies as well as live-streamed cinema.

In special live streaming, you can watch the much–loved productions from the Royal Opera house, Royal ballet, and London National Theater. The satellites at South Hill Park enable the audience to watch all the popular performances live. In case you have missed any live screening, then you can even watch recordings. If you are a parent or caretaker, then you can avail of the weekly special feature Bringing in the Baby. In this, you can bring along your little ones

and let them play around while you enjoy the movie. The cinema’s management lowers the sound a bit so that a comfortable atmosphere envelopes your little one. Facilities like bottle warming and baby changing are also available. With a reliable Bracknell Taxi service, you can reach the cinema in around 5-10 minutes

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