Lost in Bracknell

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Hearing the term Bracknell Forest, one probably imagines an extensive woodland that radiates a serene and relaxing sensation. Well, you may get a similar soothing feel but not from a forest. The Bracknell Forest is certainly not a complete woodland, but it is one of the unitary authorities of the UK. Well, Bracknell Forest does comprise of a real 2600acres woodland called Swinely Forest. People often confuse both areas due to their name.

However, the two areas differ from each other significantly. Let’s dive in and unravel what else the place Bracknell holds for us, other than a confusing name!


As mentioned earlier, the Bracknell forest is a unitary authority in Berkshire. It comprises Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Bracknell, as well as some areas of North Ascot, Winkfield, and Warfield. The entire area forms a significant part of Southern England. We also cover all the above destinations.

If we consider the topography of this majestic land, then one thing for sure; even a million words can not truly convey the whole essence and beauty of the land. But even so, we’d try to deliver a rough sketch at least.

Bracknell Forest features two rivers, namely River Cut and River Blackwater. Both of which add an enchanting, spellbinding beauty to the land. About 35% of the total area got developed while 20% got occupied with forests.

Although the captivating Swinely forests often get mistaken as Bracknell forests, it is the Windsor forest that occupies a larger area. 24% of the land became dedicated to meeting agricultural needs. While 20% possesses a high wildlife value. Thus, it happens to be of immense interest to researches, photographers, nature enthusiasts, and whatnot from all around the world.

Getting to & From

The Bracknell forest has a well-developed transport network, and you can travel almost anywhere by bus, taxi, or airport transfers UK. Despite the variation, a majority loves to travel from airport transfers. Using this service, one does not have to follow a strict timetable like in the case of trains and buses. You can hop on to a Bracknell taxi and go wherever you want. The reliability and excellency of these private companies seem to overcome the local buses as well as trains. 

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The EndNote

Now that the Bracknell forests mystery is finally solved, we hope you will not lose your way again. The area is undoubtedly, large and slightly tricky to navigate in and around. But with the right homework, you will surely make your way about effortlessly. Or if you’re still facing trouble, then sit back and relax. Just book 247 Airport Ride’s Bracknell taxi! From Bracknell to Sandhurst, our taxis will take you anywhere and everywhere at any time. So, say bye-bye to wayfinding worries, pack your bags, and get exploring!

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