Things to do in Bracknell – Attractions to visit near Bracknell 2022

When travelling to an unfamiliar location, we all feel a little homesick, not knowing where to go or what to do. Exploring is fun when we become familiar with our surroundings. By researching Bracknell, we can understand that the location has many interesting sites. Bracknell offers many attractions sites and things to do with easy travel services.

Things to do in Bracknell:

Bracknell is in the South East of England with a growing population of over 83,000. The transformation of Bracknell has developed a new exhilarating attraction. Whether it’s a family day out, a date or to sightsee, the area can ease to all ages and personalities.

The construction of Bracknell has meant rapid population growth. The development of the region has enabled it to become a very safe and homely environment. There are a lot of attracted near Bracknell.

When going on holiday, we all have different agendas or things to do as some want a thrill while others want to relax and get away. That’s why it’s challenging to find that perfect holiday which accommodates all needs. After reading this article, we hope you would be able to find the attraction and things to do that best suits your needs. 

Coral reef waterslide Bracknell:

Coral reef waterslide Bracknell 247 airport ride

Location: Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell, England, Bracknell, RG12 7JQ
Opening hours: Mon-Fri (10:30am-20: 45 pm). Sat-Sun (9:00am-17:45pm)   
Telephone number: 01344 862525                                                                                                            
Travelling with family, with quite a large group of friends or on a school day out. We look to find an exciting and active attraction site. The main aim for these audiences is to go on attractions which you will not forget. We can say we have a package which will be perfect to tire out those energetic and lively children.

Activities at Coral Reef :

The coral reef has many activities. From the erupting volcano, pirate ships and fun packed water-slides. It has thrilling rides for those daring adventurers. Or the more soothing rides for those who are more fearful. It is a one size fits all resort. Yet, parents or teachers look forward to relaxing on attraction sites. At the coral reef, It has a spacious adult only spa. Parents can enjoy the peace and the tranquil atmosphere, helping them to get away from it all. The attraction is located near Bracknell and has one of the most competitive prices. With significant savings for those visiting large groups. What`s even more brilliant is that kids under 5 are completely free. This attraction near Bracknell is pocket-friendly giving you a great experience at jaw-dropping prices. It’s a site worth visiting without a doubt.

Go Ape Bracknell:

GO APE 247 airport ride

Location: The LookOut, Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7QW
Opening hours: Mon-Fri(10am-15:00pm). Sat-Sun (9am-4pm) Telephone hours: 01603 895500

Visting Go Ape is a really exciting thing to do in Bracknell. One of the uniqueness that Bracknell acquires is the beautiful outdoor scenery. With a great amount of greenery, Bracknell has many outdoor resorts. Changes from the bustling city life, into a calmer and more tranquil atmosphere. This attraction near Bracknell allows us to appreciate natures true beauty.

Go Ape a resort for children and adults :

Go Ape resort is suitable for ages 4+, but the majority of the activities are so intense and mind-blowing. It is a resort for teenagers and adults who are looking to leave their comfort zone behind. Go ape is a fun packed, thrilling and adventurous resort. It`s guaranteed to leave your heart at your throat. From sky-high zip wires, trampoline nets and off-road seqway`s. We can guarantee we have an activity that will leave your heart throbbing. This action-packed adventure will bring out your inner daredevil. with plenty of challenges, this resort will leave your blood pumping.

Challenging side of Go Ape :

Go ape have several challenges that only accommodate for ages 16+(must be 4ft 7in) such as the Treetop challenge. This nonparallel experience is a test of your stamina and fear of heights. Alongside this, there is free fall, ever how Tarzan feels swinging around? Well, now u can experience it for yourself. The rapid speed zips will take you into another dimension. Go ape also offers the treetop challenge for juniors (over 1 meter). Enabling them to unleash their inner lion. Go Ape also offer treetop adventure, forest Segway and nets Kingdom. And yes, the way they sound they are all activities which will give your body shocking chills. Want something unforgettable. Then book your tickets to Go ape now and let the thrills blow your mind away!

Legoland Windsor:

LEGOLAND THEME PARK 247 airport ride

Location: Winkfield Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4AY                                        
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 10am-18:00pm   
Telephone number: 0870 504 0404                                                                                                                                                  
Legoland is another major resort located in the region of Bracknell. Legoland is a fascination by not the only the United Kingdom but also international citizens. The creativity entices families to wander around with their little ones.

Activities at Legoland :

Legoland has so many bundles of activities which will leave both you and your family lost for words. This fun-packed attraction near Bracknell has so much to offer. For Star Wars fans Legoland has a lot to offer. From Lego Star Wars mini-lands, total sensory space. Children can let their imagination run wild. Not a star wars fan. Not to worry. There are activities model making studios, fire academy, Drench towers and splash safari. Legoland has a new addition join the haunted house party at Lord Vampyres house. This attraction near Bracknell is Perfect for those who enjoy Goosebumps of scary rides.

Are there dining facilities?

All this fun-packed will leave you exhausted at the end of the day. This is not a problem as the resort has many restaurants to fill those empty stomach. Whether you’re feeling pirate’s burger kitchen, the city walks pizza and pasta or Harbour fish and chips. It has mouth-watering which will not disappoint you. If not filled up the Legoland have the sweet shop, studio café or wafflemeister for those with a sweet tooth.

Can we stay there?

As the sites are endless, it’s very difficult to get through it all with ease. Yet, this is not an issue as the resort provides accommodation and resort packages to save money and time. It’s the best of both worlds. Prices vary as Legoland offers a variety of packages. From annual passes, online bookings and one day pass. Whatever your purchasing Legoland promise an unforgettable experience at amazing prices.

South Hill Park Art centre & wild Theatre

South Hill Park Art centre wild Theatre 247 airport ride

location: South Hill Park Arts Centre, Ringmead, Bracknell, England, RG12 7PA
opening hours: Mon-sun: 10am-22.30pm
telephone number: 01344484123

Apart from the mesmerising natural views. Bracknell has many beautiful historical monuments and buildings. One of these breath-taking sites is the 8th-century mansion. This attraction near Bracknell holds two theatres, dance studio and a cinema. Within a prehistoric.

What does theatre offer?

This is a site for those looking for a relaxing and educational site. The mansion offers over 300 shows alongside many events and films. There is a lot to take in from the antique site. For those family who enjoys snuggling up and enjoys face to face quality entertainment. This is perfect for you. The high-quality in-house drama, ballet performances, and pantomime. The huge variety will leave you astonished as only the finest arts perform at this venue. Alongside the performing arts, the mansion also provides over 250 courses and workshops. So you and your family do not feel left out and can stick your hands in too. Don’t miss out this relaxing and breath-taking chance to get out of the office. Set your creative mind free in a spacious and comforting environment.

Lexicon Bracknell

The Lexicon - 247 airport ride

location: The Lexicon Management Suite The Avenue Car Park, Bracknell RG12 1AP
opening hours: Mon-Wed(9am-19:00pm)Thurs-Fri (9am-20:00pm) Sat(9am-19:00pm)Sun(11am-17:00pm)

Telephone number: 01344 596720 Central London is not the only place to roam when it comes to the urge to shop. Shopping is not everyone’s favourite activity. Whether you are looking to buy clothes for the children or basic toiletries. The lexicon has everything to offer, making life much easier and more practical. Shopping is a nice relaxation for everyone to treat themselves. You must let down your hair a little.

You may think what`s so special about the Lexicon?

Due to the development of Bracknell, the Lexicon built to be the perfect place. Whether you feel like shopping, dining or socialising. The £240 million invest has made it the centre of Bracknell. The Lexicon offers it all. With 70 stores there`s no getting bored, the choices are endless which is a bonus for those who love to shop. It is Bracknell`s most vibrant and commutable shopping centre. Even if shopping is not on the agenda, then there are many sociable places. Cine world which holds 12 screens ensuring you never miss out on the latest blockbusters. There`s also the Hollywood bowl if you are looking for a more competitive family outing.

Are there any local resorts at the shopping centre?

The location for the lexicon is a reasonable distance from other family activities. The Discovery Center has over 90 hands-on science activities and plays area. We can all agree your little one will never get bored. The centre located 100 hectares of woodlands. Perfect for family outdoor bike rides and trail walks to spend quality family.

The lexicon is also not far from the John Nike leisure centre. An attraction first opened in 1985 for skiing and was the first Olympic sized ice rink. The leisure centre provides ski slopes and ice rink. There is also a gym and a restaurant in the centre. You cannot ask for much more, can you? It’s an attraction suited to all.

Do not think we have forgotten your body obsessed maniacs. The Bracknell leisure centre has a spacious facility. Providing three swimming pools, basketball, badminton and volleyball centres. To help you keep your body in shape at affordable prices. There`s no need to work hurting your pocket as the leisure centre is reasonable prices. Maintaining customer satisfaction, the main priority. We all like to feel valued, right?

The lookout discovery centre

The lookout discovery centre - 247 airport ride

Location: Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell, RG12 7QW
Opening times: 10am-5pm                                                                                                      
contact number: 01344354400                                                                                                                                         
A fun-packed educational site with the discovery centre having over 90 activities. Children of all ages learn something new. There will be no getting bored with all the hands-on tasks.

Is this centre suitable for school visits?

The lookout discovery centre can accommodate visits up to 250 people. This is a perfect match for large school visits. We have a hands-on science exhibition full of exciting theories. Children can be are educated about forces and movement. They will learn how to launch a hydrogen rocket. Children will understand how their body reacts. Theirs tested on their body and perception on our Batak machine. Furthermore, children will understand the illusion of light and colour. They will work with colour beams, shadows using thermal cameras and silhouettes.

What other activities does the centre offer?

At the discovery centre, there is also a lot of outdoor activities. There are woodland and water where children can play with boats and build dams. There are also a lot of insect enclosures where there is a huge range of insects to discover from cockroaches, millipedes, land snails, ants, snakes and a whole lot more.

A perfect resort for educational and family visits:

This resort is an ideal informative visit for families and schools. Filled with enriched knowledge for children of young ages it is a perfect resort. Making education more fun and entertaining. For school holidays the centre runs the show from the following times: 11 am, midday, 2 pm and 3:15 pm at only £1.95 per person. You can not get any better than that.

There is so much for the little ones as there are a  huge play area and toddler days. With exciting activities such as sticky slime (12th and 13th September), dinosaurs (9th and 10th October), space (9th and 10th December) and robots (13th and 14th January).These activities need to be pre-booked in advance. Being located in woodland and natural surroundings. The lookout centre has an immense Swinley forest with lots to discover and learn from. This breath-taking resort is the family and schools should consider visiting. The lookout discovery centre is one of the top things to do in Bracknell.

Bracknell ski centre:

Bracknell ski centre 247 airport ride

Location: 39 John Nike way, Binfield, Bracknell, RG12 8TN  
Opening hours: Mon (10am- 9pm) Tues-Fri( 10am-10pm) Sat-Sun ( 9am-6pm)  
This icing resort is a great thing to do in Bracknell and offers both slopes and Ice Rinks. The slopes used for activities such as skiing, snow-tubing and snowboarding. The open practice enables you to ski like a pro. The ice-rink is perfect for skating, ice-hockey and stick and puck. The centre also provides coaching lessons. For those interested in either the slopes or ice rink activities. The attraction located in Bracknell. Perfect for those who look to take these activities as a full-time hobby. You can turn into a real pro.

The centre accommodates for birthday parties, school visits and holiday camps. Alongside, all these terrific activities there are also facilities. Such as a cafeteria, Bar, fitness area and snooker club for those looking to relax. This attraction near Bracknell will leave you with chills.

Lapland UK

Lapland UK 247 airport ride

Location: Whitmore Forest, Swinley Road, Winkfield Row, Ascot, SL5 8BD  
Opening hours: Mon-Fri ( 8.30am-8pm), Sat (9am-5.30pm), Sun (10am-4pm)  

Lapland UK is a magical and mystical attraction and has lot of things to do. This allows everyone to get into the festive spirit. With so many attractions from the elven village, father Christmas house, baubles shop, the sightseeing is endless. The wonders of Lapland will leave you and your family mesmerised. As you explore the sights and sounds of Lapland. This is a festive site which brings the family together and gets them in the festive spirit. Lapland unravels many untold stories. It allows you to get close and personal with Santa and his elves. Leaving you with unforgettable memories.

Windsor castle

Windsor castle 247 airport ride

Location: Windsor SL4 1NJ
opening hours:10am-5.15pm
contact: 03031237334

The Windsor castle is the most pre-historic ancient sight being. Over 900 years old it is also the largest castle in the world. It is the Queen`s favourite residencies as she spends the majority of her free time at the castle. Due to the origins of the castle being from the 7th century. The castle has an immaculate amount of fascinating history.

The antique architecture and survival of the castle will leave you in amazement. Due to the historical background, there are many local attractions. Such as the French brothers River cruise and Hampton court palace.
If you are looking to go back in time an encounter life in the early centuries. Then the history of Windsor Castle will leave you In shock. Windsor castle is a great family trip. To roam around and understand the pre-historic culture.

Windsor great park

Location: The Crown estate Windsor Great Par, SL4 2HT
opening hours:9.30am-6pm                                                                                   

Whatever the season Windsor great park can accommodate for all. The park has over 4,800 acres, so you do not have to worry about being short of things to do. Whether its to explore, educate or enjoy the park a resort you can get away to. Having a history of over a thousand years, there is a lot of historical monuments to look forward.

What sites does Windsor great park offer?

Windsor great park offers the finest sights as Savill Garden. Created in 1932 has breath-taking views. The garden is the centre of the park. The magnificent landscapes and admirable nature, it will take your heart away. The garden has been antique monuments as well as a variety of rare flowers and plants.

There is also the Virginia water where families can enjoy the spectacular waterfall and the surrounding historical monuments. The waterfall as rebuilt in the 1780s after collapsing in 1768. The educational background of the park will leave you speechless. There are also so many other sights such as the valley garden, obelisk lawn, cow pond, smiths lawn, Queen Anne`s ride, and stag meadow.

The history and sights are never-ending. The ancient landscaped will leave you with a great amount of curiosity. The mesmerising historic point leaves tourist with the urge to learn.

Pinewood miniature railway

Pinewood miniature railway 247 airport ride

Location: Pinewood Leisure Centre, Old Wokingham RG40 3AQ                                             
opening hours: Third Sunday of the month from 1:30 pm to 4 pm

Pinewood Miniature railway is another great thing to do in Bracknell. Over 25 years of service the pinewood miniature railway accommodates for all ages. The railways travel through Wokingham and Crowthorne allowing an approximate half a mile. It’s a perfect ride to enjoy natures beauty with a stress-free mind. The railway caters for birthday parties where customers have full use of the railway for 2 hours. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours with the family.

You have read about the things and activities you can do in Bracknell and surrounding areas in the following part of this article we will guide you, how to travel around Bracknell and what services you can use if you are not driving by your self :

How can I travel around Bracknell?

Being a UK Airport transfer company, we can pick up our customers from anywhere in the UK. Allowing customers flexibility and choice of which airport they want to travel from. Whether that may be home, work, station or even hotel. Making customers feel at ease. We provide fast, reliable and friendly Bracknell airport taxi service.

To ensure a smooth journey. We also offer a holiday taxi. Where our taxis pick up and drop off customers at hotels, resorts, and attractions. To provide the most effective and timeless travel.  Customers can get on with their day without any hassle. Our holiday taxis follow the needs of the customers. To ensure that they enjoy their travel journey.
Please visit our website to book your taxi online

What makes our taxi service unique?

We are developing our Airport taxis in order to make our service more user- friendly. Our taxi service is constantly working on improving our booking platform. To ensure our service is flawless and hassle-free. Our drivers use the most effective and best routes.  There are to prevent situations such as traffic or roadwork delays. Saving time for both the driver and the customers and allowing the customers to get on with their day. Our drivers are very experienced and friendly workers. They ensure that their customers feel at ease during their ride.

As soon as you book your trip, we will make sure that the vehicle meets your needs. Such as enough space for the luggage’s and passengers quoted. As well as this the vehicle is well-conditioned. Presentation is essential when providing a professional and friendly service. Our airport taxis are reliable and work very strict on time management.

How does the booking work?

Within the booking form, there are several details customers must provide. To ensure the airport taxi is relevant to their requirements. We will need to know the number of passengers; luggage’s there are. Alongside this, you can inform where and when you would like your car to be ready.  Our airport transfer taxi service works around the customer. Ensuring your taxi transfer meet our customer satisfaction. Within the process, you will have several cars to choose from.  Once all the formalities are complete, you can opt for any special requirements. Whether you would like to meet and greet with them, so you get to know the driver.

If you need a baby or booster seat, this ensures that our taxi`s offer a seamless drive. We like to handle any of your concern with care and precision, so our customers do not have to. Once our customers provide the details required, we will find the best-suited form of travel. You will have to pay. Our service also provides the function of both one way and return trip. So if you are looking to come back from holiday or work knowing that your taxi ride is waiting for you as booking from the airport cannot only be more expensive but also time-consuming. Our taxi drivers will be at your destination at your best suited time.

Book your Bracknell taxi to visit these all great attractions and things to do in Bracknell.

We can conclude that the urban area of Bracknell has many attractions and things to do nearby. Bracknell has a lot to offer. Rather you want a fun, thrill-packed holiday. Or a relaxing, soothing holiday. Bracknell has all these things nearby. We will see you in one of these attractions near Bracknell soon. Please take a look into the links of the website to book your place at an attraction near Bracknell now.



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