Venturous Things in Bracknell

Venturous Things to do near Bracknell

If you’ve finished exploring the calm, soothing side of Bracknell, then its time to dive into its undercover wild & crazy side. Yes, that’s right! The systemized, organized, and soothing town possesses a side that’s not known to many. A side that’s packed with unlimited, enthralling, inciting fun, opening a new dimension of adventure. But, as stated above, many people remain unaware of it.

Visitors come and spend all of the precious time at only a few places. Their Things to do near Bracknell-List remains limited to four-hour-long tours of the Lily Hill Park or South Hill Park. Or at most, the museum or church. The lack of accessibility and awareness, keeps them deprived of all the wonders that the town beholds.

But now, that 247 Airport Ride is here to take you anywhere and everywhere, you need not worry a bit. We’re here to eradicate both inaccessibility and unawareness issue. Along with making places all across and near Bracknell more and more accessible for you, we’ll keep you updated with things that you must not miss out!

Visiting the Vineyard

Born in 1979, the Stanlake Park Estate has a strong connection with the history that traces back to the Elizabethan era. One can easily spot the historic 16th-century manor house around which the vineyard is present. The 25acres land has around 10-varieties of grapes and a well-established wine production system. Hence, the management offers thorough tours on weekends. Please note that you will have to make a prior booking before visiting. 

Located outside the Twyford village, the Stanlake Park Estate takes around 10-15 minutes to reach from Bracknell town center via car or reputable Bracknell cab service. At the site, you will receive a detailed tour of the vines in the walled garden and all the varieties. Then, you will visit the place where the grapes get pressed, the fermentation tank, and the barrel room. Next, you will see the fizz room as well as the final bottling of the wines. Along the tour, you can taste different wines.

Horse Riding

In the vicinity of our beloved Bracknell, lies a land that satisfied the hunting interests of the royal blood for hundreds of years. Today, known as the Tally Ho Stables, the place offers tremendous fun and adventure.

You may not get the bows and arrows to strike and roar, but the Tally Ho Riding and Hacking Centre brings to you the finest of horses to ride on! Forming a significant part of the Great Windsor Park, the Stables are only 30 minutes away if you opt to travel in a Bracknell Taxi. With a train or bus, the journey to this stable can take 1 hour 5 minutes or more. 

For both novice and experienced riders, the trained staff provides a safe and supervised, exhilarating riding experience. Being licensed, Tally Ho Stables also provides professional training and courses.

Exploring Dinton's

Another venturesome place happens to be only 16 minutes away from Bracknell, namely the Dinton Pastures Country Park. An outdoor play space for all ages. The place touches heights of fun & activity, and yet offers a relaxing environment to balance it out.  You can walk around and explore the 450 acres of land featuring lakes, rivers, meadows, and woodlands. All of which are home to wildlife of all sorts. Or if your sporty, you can try out sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and whatnot. For kids, there’s a clean and equipped play space with swings, slides, and more. And if you need a refuel of energy, you can resort to the Dragonfly café for munching down some scrumptious food.


Do you have a sporty nature with a deep passion for bowling? Well, then, do not miss to visit the Hollywood Bowl Bracknell. The well-equipped bowling place is one of the best for a refreshing and entertaining experience. With 28-bowling lanes, the Hollywood Bowl Bracknell offers an extensive play area. The aesthetically-designed ambiance and the welcoming gestures of the staff make the atmosphere comfortable. You can bring along friends, relatives, and family for light to intensive play sessions. The presence of bumps and ramps makes the place more child-friendly. Also, facilities like food, beverages, snacks, and baby changing are available. For more fun, the Hollywood Bowl Bracknell even offers a gaming arcade and other games. Moreover, the on-site parking facility means that you don’t have to stress about traveling. You can easily stay for several hours, whether you are traveling via a car or Taxi service in Bracknell

How to get to these places

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